DreamFactory News

Open Source Projects Further RESTful API-Based Development

ADT Mag highlighted DreamFactory in a recent writeup of resources for app development.

How To Securely Mobilize Data Using a REST API Backend

DreamFactory CEO and in-house alpha geek Bill Appleton wrote a guest post on DZone.com extolling the benefits of using DreamFactory a secure backend for mobile development.

DreamFactory REST API Backend for the Intel IoT Gateway

Adrian Bridgwater of Tools Advisor reports on our recent alliance Intel IoT.

DreamFactory eliminates a time-consuming hurdle that confronts developers: building APIs to store, process and access IoT data collected by a wide array of device types, platforms and interface methods.

DreamFactory, Intel Team to Ease IoT App Development

eWeek recently featured our new alliance with Intel to use our popular REST API backend with the Intel IoT Gateway. The article features some key use cases: REST communication to ship IoT data to any data resource from the gateway, working inside the gateway for pre-processing and local analytics, and REST platform enabling of IoT databases and IT systems to build blended enterprise apps.

They highlighted a DreamFactory customer, FramTack: