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Mapping the API Serverless Market Landscape

The first in a four-part series looking at the new tools that are enabling application development and automated workflow construction completely in cloud environments, without developers having to manage backend servers or application architecture. Bill Appleton, CEO of open source API serverless platform DreamFactory, says APIs and backend complexity are “a big problem” that enterprise are looking to serverless to solve.

UX development becomes a critical priority in 2016

As a rapidly growing number of users demand access to enterprise apps, developers must think even harder about how they approach UI and UX. "Developing these apps requires more iterations through Agile development with frequent releases," Bill Appleton, President at DreamFactory Software, said. "For enterprise architects, it puts more pressure on providing a mobile-optimized back end that supports rapid app development that can leverage a growing variety of back-end data sources."

SOA must keep pace with the "connected-everything" trend in 2016

Application requirements have moved from the desktop, to the browser, to mobile devices and on to the Internet of Things (IoT). At each step of this transition, applications have become smarter, simpler and more widely distributed in an effort to keep up in the connected-everything world. "These changes are demanding that SOA systems become more transactional and capable of massive scalability,"said Bill Appleton, CEO of DreamFactory.

WordPress Integration with the DreamFactory REST API Platform for User Management

An early challenge for Noggle was how to control shared file access in a secure and extensible way. DreamFactory ended up being the perfect solution. It gave von Thienen a granular system of user creation and role control that’s secure and scalable. DreamFactory also served as a perfect bolt-on service to their existing Wordpress/Woocommerce portal. Von Thienen crafted a series of functions for integrating DreamFactory into Wordpress .and has generously shared them with us.

Bill Appleton solves Loch Ness monster mystery

A Loch Ness monster hunter from Shipley believes he could finally have helped solve the mystery of what really lurks beneath the water. A computer expert in the US has used advanced techniques to analyse a night-time film Gordon Holmes shot from a layby almost a decade ago. The analyst has now concluded the creature side-winding across the 800ft deep Scottish loch at about 6mph might in fact be a giant eel. Mr Appleton has told leading Loch Ness investigators that Mr Holmes' footage had framed giant eels, concluding: "I believe they display a giant eel side-winding across the loch."

DreamFactory Releases New Commercial Package of its REST API Backend

Coverage of the release of DreamFactory Enterprise by App Developer Magazine:

"DreamFactory has released DreamFactory Enterprise, a new commercial package of its REST API backend. It runs on a Linux server and includes the DreamFactory open source runtime for instant deployment allowing development teams to provision, govern and report on DreamFactory instances."