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WordPress Integration with the DreamFactory REST API Platform for User Management

An early challenge for Noggle was how to control shared file access in a secure and extensible way. DreamFactory ended up being the perfect solution. It gave von Thienen a granular system of user creation and role control that’s secure and scalable. DreamFactory also served as a perfect bolt-on service to their existing Wordpress/Woocommerce portal. Von Thienen crafted a series of functions for integrating DreamFactory into Wordpress .and has generously shared them with us.

DreamFactory Releases New Commercial Package of its REST API Backend

Coverage of the release of DreamFactory Enterprise by App Developer Magazine:

"DreamFactory has released DreamFactory Enterprise, a new commercial package of its REST API backend. It runs on a Linux server and includes the DreamFactory open source runtime for instant deployment allowing development teams to provision, govern and report on DreamFactory instances."

AppGyver Integrates DreamFactory REST API to Turn SQL Databases Into Apps

App Developer Magazine highlighted our recent partnership with AppGyver:

AppGyver has integrated DreamFactory's REST API backend with its Composer 2 drag-and-drop app builder, expanding the app building platform’s ability to create apps with a secure connection to existing backend data sources.

DreamFactory: a RESTful backend shapes a nice MBaaS

Adrian Bridgwater at Computer Weekly notes the future of DreamFactory Enterprise:

For 2016, DreamFactory sets its sights on taking its services platform deeper into the enterprise by following in the footsteps of other open source software vendors such as Docker, MongoDB, Elastic, NGINX -- all companies that have crossed the chasm from pure open source adoption to monetisation with an enterprise offering.

He also noticed that DreamFactory CEO Bill Appleton writes his own blogs. He sure does.

DreamFactory Aims To Become the Universal Data Access Layer Of Enterprise Applications

Janakiram MSV on the future of DreamFactory Enterprise:

DreamFactory Software is taking a leaf from the playbook of successful open source companies such as Docker, MongoDB, Mesosphere, and CoreOS. While keeping the core platform free, it is attempting to monetize the deployment, management, and security aspects of the platform. This strategy helps the company to continue to attract mobile developers while addressing the key requirements of enterprise IT.

DreamFactory Fuels Enterprise Mobility and IoT Initiatives With New Product for Managing Open Source REST API Platform

A quote from David S. Linthicum in a feature on Yahoo! Finance

"From mobile computing to the Internet of Things, it's all about the API. DreamFactory automates the creation of APIs, and now DreamFactory Enterprise enables businesses to scale the concept across the entire development lifecycle. With this announcement, DreamFactory is making it easier for developers to mobilize backend assets and broadly deploy modern applications," said David S. Linthicum, consultant at Cloud Technology Partners.

DreamFactory 2.0 Auto-Generates 100 REST APIs To Instantly Connect with SQL, NoSQL, Other Data Sources

Integration Developer News provides an in-depth analysis of DreamFactory 2.0

Right out of the box, DreamFactory 2.0 has the ability to do deep introspection on popular databases and data sources -- and in turn, auto-generate some 100 REST APIs to let developers easily connect with and consume them.

Open Source Projects Further RESTful API-Based Development

ADT Mag highlighted DreamFactory in a recent writeup of resources for app development.