Integration Examples

These examples are complete DreamFactory web applications built on top of third party web services, XML documents, or Service-Oriented Architectures. Explore services provided by IBM, Iona, webMethods, Amazon, Salesforce.Com, XMethods, and more!

DreamFactory Installation

Click the button below to install the DreamFactory Runtime for XML web services. This button will also update to the most recent version. After installation, the links below will take you directly to the Integration Examples.

DreamFactory Projects

Salesforce Desktop takes advantage of Salesforce.Com's Service-Oriented Architecture to implement a powerful new way to access your corporate data. Log in to your web service enabled Salesforce.Com account, or try out the demo with our test account.
XMethods Portal demonstrates a complex portal page of useful applications built on top of XMethods web services. The examples include a collaborative calendar, rolodex, notepad, music and picture storage, and various services. XMethods powerful XSpace technology provides the backside XML database functionality.
ProcessExpress enables Grand Central Communication's customers to create, combine, and customize dynamic business processes delivered on-demand with their Business Services Network. ProcessExpress allows end users to visually compose and orchestrate services without the installation of network hardware or software.
Amazon Store is built on top of Amazon's extensive web services interface. This project is also a demonstration of DreamFactory's ability to build e-Commerce sites right in the browser. Amazon uses the REST web services interface, an alternative to SOAP and XML-RPC.
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