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DreamTeam – Project Management Made Simple

AppExchange Certified

Manage your team calendar, track tasks in Gantt charts, and organize your documents visually — all in one place.

DreamTeam for AppExchange, Salesforce.com's most popular native AppExchange application, is a Rich Internet Application including a suite of powerful project management tools to save you planning time, manage communication more effectively, and keep project information more organized.

Without the hassle of traditional installed software, DreamTeam uses web-based, on demand functionality with a desktop-like experience to support any team-based business activity. DreamTeam includes integrated Project Management, Collaborative Calendaring, Document Management, and Team Communications.

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Interactive Gantt Charts

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Key Benefits:

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DreamTeam Product Details

Simplified Project Management

The DreamTeam Project Manager is designed to address the many layers of communication inherent in a broad user community. To accomplish this, we provide robust and intuitive visualization of project tasks via Gantt view for experienced Project Managers and/or Calendar view for less demanding project scenarios. And, by leveraging the salesforce.com AppExchange platform, we make creating project tasks as simple and easy as creating a salesforce.com activity – both in conjunction with a salesforce.com account or as a standalone experience. Whether you are working on a project team to build a new product or a sales team to close a big sale, DreamTeam projects will be in your comfort zone.

Accessible Document Management

The DreamTeam Document Manager provides sophisticated and rich interactivity with documents in the salesforce.com repository. Using the familiar metaphor of an Outline control, on top of a virtual centralized database (salesforce.com), managing documents in your salesforce.com account is easier than managing files on your desktop. Productivity increases dramatically over the traditional "email and hope" approach to iterative document review. By adding these capabilities to your salesforce.com implementation (vs. a standalone product), managing documents across team-based projects becomes a natural extension to your salesforce.com experience.

Straightforward Team Communication

DreamTeam incorporates a group calendar to manage team events. In the context of Project Management, the Collaborative Calendar is not just a calendar, but a visualization and decision-making tool, mapping any activity to the backdrop of a calendar view. For example, you can view all project tasks by day, week, or month. Similarly, you can view all scheduled resources on the calendar. This offers a very straightforward model for resource allocation and capacity planning. Additionally, DreamTeam features pervasive Threaded Discussions. Any entity can have an associated Discussion Thread stored in your salesforce.com database. By adding these capabilities to your salesforce.com implementation (vs. a stand-alone product), team communication becomes a natural extension to the salesforce.com experience.

New!  DreamTeam PMO – Advanced Project Management

DreamTeam PMO is an extension of DreamTeam that provides additional capabilities for advanced project management. DreamTeam PMO incorporates issues/risks, highlights, and action items to proactively communicate project status and mitigate key risks. The PMO Explorer Tab enables managers to group and track multiple related projects together as a single project. Managers can view at-a-glance dashboards, run reports, and drill down to view project status, highlights, issues, and actions, both for related projects grouped together and for individual projects. DreamTeam PMO delivers advanced project management capabilities, enabling project managers to easily manage many projects at once, all as a seamless extension to the salesforce.com experience.

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DreamTeam Support

At DreamFactory, we have been working hard to provide you with a number of resources to assist you in getting the most out of your experience. Please take a moment to review our training and support options, and share this information with your colleagues. Her is a listing of support resources:

DreamTeam Online Training Classes

We now offer two weekly instructor-led online training sessions for DreamTeam. Click on the URL located below the session name to register for a session or to get more information. Once you have registered for a session, you will receive an email message confirming your registration. This message will provide the information that you need to join.

DreamTeam Introductory Public Training - introductory product training


DreamTeam Advanced Public Q&A - advanced topics and open Q&A forum


On-Demand Recordings

We also have an archive of on-demand recordings that cover a wide range of questions related to our products. These recordings are located throughout the product documentation which can be accessed from the About tab for each product. You can also access a complete list of recordings on our website by clicking on the URL below.

DreamTeam Recordings:


Searchable Knowledge Base

Our new searchable Knowledge Base is up and running. You can access the Knowledge Base from the About tab for any product or directly from our Website by clicking the URL below.


Suggestion Box

You may have noticed the Suggestion Box icon located in the lower left of the screen in each of our products. Clicking on this will open our new Suggestion Box where you can send bug reports, feature requests, and questions directly to our support organization.

Live Chat Support

We now have Live Chat support available from within all of our products. You can access Live Chat by clicking on the speech bubble icon located next to the suggestion box in the lower left of each of our applications. Live Chat is available from 6am to 5pm Pacific Time (PT).

Contact Support

As always, our support team is here to assist you with any issues or questions. Please utilize our contact information below for a prompt response. Phone Support is available from 6am to 5pm PST.

Email: techsupport@dreamfactory.com
Phone: 650-641-1800 Ext. 2

Support Resources:

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Try & Buy

Please choose an option below to sign up your copy of DreamTeam.

Option 1. Evaluate DreamTeam for free

We offer a free 30 day evaluation of DreamTeam so you can experience it with your own organization. Fill out the following form, and we'll contact you to help you get started.

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If you already have installed DreamTeam and want to buy a license, select this option. You will be taken through our license manager, where you may select purchasing options.

Add Licenses with the DreamTeam License Manager:

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