Please note. Our former product, SBuilder, has been replaced by our new rich development and presentation application product, Carousel. For more information about Carousel, click here.

Free Projects!

Be sure to visit the Application Gallery and make use of the wide selection of FREE applications and utilities created with SBuilder. Use these powerful projects to perform massive data transformations, create one-click call centers, generate custom documents, manage inventory, and integrate web service data from any source.

Other Resources

The Salesforce Desktop web application provides a windowed interface for your salesforce CRM data. Aggregate multiple services at the client, tile your windows, design a call center, try the calendar view, and more. This is a great example of what can be done with a custom DreamFactory application.

The Sforce Console provides a library for scripted integration with the Sforce Service-Oriented Architecture. Advanced developers and scripters can use the Console as a starting point to create almost any type of user interface front end for their account.