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Code Automation for APIs

The leading on-premise instant API generation platform for any private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure.
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Simple API Generation

Simple API Generation

I want to instantly generate a REST API for MySQL, SQL Server or other common data sources.

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Comprehensive API Management

Comprehensive API Management

I need a platform that can create, deploy and manage any number of APIs with superior custom security controls.

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Enterprise Integration Platform

Enterprise Integration Platform

I want to optimise my enterprise software stack by integrating several services and applications including ERPs and ESBs, to fuel executive dashboards and custom reports.

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“DreamFactory is far easier to use than our previous API management provider, and significantly less expensive.“
Adam Dunn
“We needed a globally scalable solution to optimize our communication channels between headquarters and our retail store teams. After researching various options, we found the DreamFactory Services Platform to be the most powerful and cost effective way to deploy our new application.“
Kevin Lawrence
“It works and I did not have to write a single line of code! I highly recommend DreamFactory from a utility perspective but also from a support perspective. Their team has always been willing to assist me on every project.“
Lee Quessenberry
E.C. Barton
“It is rare when a product this good comes along!“
Rana Azeem
“DreamFactory streamlines everything and makes it easy to concentrate on building your frontend application. I had found something that was just click, click, click.....connect, and you're good to go. “
Edo Williams
“I love not having to deal with the backend complexities of developing an API.“
Pugazendhi Asaimuthu
Wiz Systems
“DreamFactory lets us focus on what we do best and not worry about building our own REST API integration, backend security, and mobile app deployment tools.“
Ashwin Shankar
Binary Workshop
Manage your data portfolio.
Connect Salesforce to SQL Server, or your ERP to AWS S3. Transform and mask data along the way. Create reports, analytics, and alerts. Empower teams to retrieve and distribute data on demand.
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File Storage
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Powerful Security Options
Secure every API endpoint behind Active Directory, OAuth2, Okta, OpenID Connect, and more. Restrict capabilities using role-Based Access Controls. Easily manage API keys. Deploy behind firewalls and in air-gapped environments.
Modernize legacy applications.
Integrate legacy technology into cutting-edge applications, extending technology lifecycles and derisking legacy system replacements.
"APIs are critical for digital transformation. Beyond their architectural role in app integration, APIs enable new business strategies, rapid business change, broad ecosystem connectivity, and world-class customer engagement."
A Developer's Guide to Forrester's Strategies for API Success. March 2018

The average backend engineer takes 34 business days to build a single, basic API.

That runs at an average employee cost of $17.5k USD per non-standardized API. DreamFactory bypasses this bottleneck in minutes.
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Merge data from multiple databases into a single API call

DreamFactory's Data Mesh feature can merge data from multiple databases into a single API response with no additional coding required.
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"Through 2020, integrations work will count for 50% of the time and cost of building a digital platform"
Use a Hybrid Integration Approach to Empower Digital Transformation Report April 2018
DreamFactory runs on any OS, in private, public or hybrid infrastructure, and is deployable with Docker, Kubernetes, Bitnami or directly from GitHub.
DreamFactory is scalable and stateless. With unlimited access to connections on all versions, and the ability to create unlimited services and perform unlimited API calls, DreamFactory won’t punish your business for growing.
Compliance-first architecture deployable in your environment, behind your firewall, gives you total control over your data supply chain and applicable regulatory & policy constraints.
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The support you need from APIs to Digital Transformation.
Backend’s don’t win clients, but they do sink ships. We partner with you to ensure your integration needs are delivered on time and under budget.
Phone, email, and chat support
Phone, email, and chat support
24/7 Engineer support
24/7 Engineer support
Customized remote & onsite training
Customized remote & onsite training
Architectural consulting
Architectural consulting
Custom development
Custom development
Excel-to-Web. Instantly.
Eliminate the Excel workbook e-mail chain by creating instant web-based dashboards using our new Excel connector. Create restricted web-based access to workbooks and even specific spreadsheet tabs in minutes, complete with real-time data synchronization. Learn more

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