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Business Automation

Companies are increasingly focused on ensuring the human workforce is focused on using creativity to solve today's difficult business problems, and leaving their silicon counterparts to do the rest. This is for good reason, considering the volume and velocity of data found in today's typical enterprise has become such that it's no longer feasible for the typical office worker to comprehend, let alone manually manage it.

But writing all of the code required to integrate various data sources together can be an incredibly time consuming and error prone task. Whether the task is to dump Salesforce data to MySQL, send new customer contact information to your marketing automation tool, or confirm a dropshipper has appropriate inventory before processing an order, you'll need to ensure the integration is secure, responsive, and error-free.

The DreamFactory Platform solves this problem for thousands of companies around the globe. Offering a unified control plane for building, securing, and managing your integration workflows, your team will no longer struggle with maintaining multiple code bases which are often lacking or entirely devoid of industry security safeguards.

Schedule API Calls
Use DreamFactory's call scheduler to schedule periodic API calls, transferring data between data sources all day every day.

Transform Data on Demand
DreamFactory's event handler can intercept requests and responses, allowing for easy data validation and transformation with no human interaction required.

Plug-and-Play AI
Evaluate data using easily integrated cloud-based artificial intelligence such as IBM Watson and AWS Machine Learning.

E.C. Barton & Company uses DreamFactory to perform real-time updates of their marketing automation platform at time of customer checkout in any of their hundreds of United States-based retail stores. » Learn more

Build Data Pipelines Faster
DreamFactory supports thousands of third-party APIs and almost two dozen databases, allowing the platform to serve as a central clearing house for all of your company's data flows.

Multiple Data Sources. One Response.
DreamFactory's Data Mesh capability can interweave data retrieved from multiple data sources into a single JSON response, with no coding required.

A large Australian logistics provider relies upon DreamFactory to provide dozens of global clothing retailers with real-time access to order shipping status.

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