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Modernize Legacy Applications with DreamFactory

Companies often struggle to unlock data siloed within legacy databases, mainframes, and other obsolescent software environments. Despite the outmoded storage and access mechanisms, the data contained therein remains extraordinarily valuable to the enterprise. Yet the projected expense associated with migration and refactorization often leaves companies with no recourse other than to devise risky and brittle bridges to this data.

The DreamFactory Platform brings sanity to this modernization process thanks to turnkey generation of REST APIs for many legacy environments such as IBM Informix. Our Scripted Services connector covers the last mile, ensuring even the most esoteric protocols and file formats are accessible to your modern application environments.

Extend Technology Lifecycles
Delay and even cancel costly migration projects by building real-time interfaces to legacy environments.

Add Modern Security to Legacy Platforms
Instantly add authentication, role-based access controls, and volume limiting to previously unprotected APIs.

Deliver Projects Faster
Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge application environments and legacy data.

One of the world’s largest sports betting institutions extended the lifetime of its Informix databases thanks to DreamFactory’s native connector.

Build Realtime Bridges to Legacy Databases
With support for almost twenty databases, including IBM DB2, Informix, and SAP SQL Anywhere, DreamFactory can dramatically reduce the productive lifetime of legacy data stores by generating a modern, full-featured REST API capable of retrieving, inserting, and modifying data managed within these environments.

Integrate Mainframes and Modern Application Environments
The Scripted Services connector serves as a bridge to even the most siloed environments. Offering tight integration with the Python, NodeJS, Ruby, and PHP scripting environments, developers can focus on building integrations using DreamFactory's specialized API syntax and countless powerful open source and proprietary libraries.

The State of Vermont used DreamFactory’s Scripted Services connector to create an IBM System/370 mainframe HTTP API which is fully integrated with their Department of Motor Vehicles point-of-sale terminals.

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