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Mobile Application Development

These days it seems a mobile application exists to satisfy every conceivable business requirement and personal desire. This probably shouldn't come as a surprise, given that in barely more than a decade since the first iPhone was released it's rare to encounter someone without a mobile phone in hand. But despite their proliferation, creating a quality mobile application is fraught with complexity.

Naturally, creating a quality user interface is often foremost in mind, however this is only one challenge of many. Developers must also grapple with creating an intuitive and easy user registration and authentication workflow, and securely integrate multiple data sources such as databases and third-party APIs.

The DreamFactory Platform can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to bring a mobile application to market. Capable of automating most if not all of the backend development required to power your application's authentication, security requirements, and data flows, our users have reduced time-to-market by as much as 75%.

Focus on Building Your Applications Instead of APIs
Generate mobile database APIs in minutes and securely integrate thousands of third-party APIs into your application.

Plug-and-Play User Authentication
Add popular authentication workflows such as Active Directory, Okta, Auth0, and AWS Cognito with almost no coding required.

Build with a Security-First Mindset
DreamFactory protects your data with sophisticated role-based access controls, request limiting, and API keys.

Charlotte Pipe, one of the United States' largest plumbing product manufacturers, uses DreamFactory to power a suite of popular mobile applications.

Focus on the Application Interface Instead of Tedious Backend Logic
Supporting almost 20 popular databases and thousands of third-party APIs, securely interacting with data sources will be an afterthought rather than the only thought. DreamFactory can additionally generate APIs for e-mail delivery providers, file systems, mobile notifications, IoT devices, and more.

Build Even Faster with AppSheet
Our partner AppSheet has created a no-code development tool which allows individuals with no coding experience to create powerful mobile applications. Offering native integration with DreamFactory, all that remains is for you to plan your go-to-market strategy.

AppSheet powers thousands of mobile applications found in the App and Play Stores. In addition to DreamFactory support, TODO users can incorporate tables, maps, images, and authentication using an intuitive point-and-click interface. » Learn more

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