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On Premise Or Cloud Hosting

Because no two IT environments are alike, an API management platform must provide considerable flexibility in order to ensure seamless alignment with business requirements. This flexibility begins with the hosting strategy. Medical and financial institutions are required to comply with a variety of regulations such as FINRA and HIPAA must enforce strict oversight over data access and flows and therefore often run enterprise software within internal data centers or private clouds. Small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly prefer cloud-based solutions which reduce if not eliminate managerial overhead and expense.

DreamFactory suits both needs, offering an infinitely scalable on-premise solution for enterprises requiring robust scaling and security capabilities, and a cloud-based hosted solution for businesses that desire a world-class API management solution without the administrative overhead.

Infinite Scaling Ensures Success at Any Level
On-premise users face no limitations on API volumes, seat count, or service creation. Our platform ensures your project succeeds no matter the scale.

Eliminate Management Overhead via Cloud Hosting
DreamFactory managed cloud hosting environment ensures your team remains focused on building quality products.

Seamless Transitions Between Hosting Solutions
Need to migrate from hosted to on-premise or vice versa? Our team can ensure this is a painless process with minimal to no downtime.

One of the world’s largest computer hardware manufacturers runs DreamFactory on a truly global scale, using the platform to onboard new hardware registrants.

Infinite Scaling and Clustering at Your Fingertips
On-premise DreamFactory aren’t burdened with API volume or administrator limits. The platform can be both horizontally and vertically scaled to accommodate even the most aggressive traffic loads. Platform support for standard HTTP scaling architectures means your team can harness existing web application knowledge and experience to scale faster and more effectively.

Managed Cloud Hosting in a World Class Environment
Our fully-managed cloud hosted DreamFactory instance offers everything found in the on-premise product, but eliminates the installation and maintenance overhead. Platform updates are regularly and seamlessly installed with zero downtime.

Companies from around the world rely upon DreamFactory Genie to power their API infrastructure. Start your free 14 day trial now.

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