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SaaS Integration

The API economy is exploding, and companies everywhere are seeking to capitalize upon selling access to curated data sets and cutting-edge web services. Access is typically volume-based, with the subscriber paying per API call or according to a set of predefined tiers (e.g. 10,000 requests/month). In order to build a subscription-based API service, the team needs to take into account features such as generation and delivery of per-subscriber API keys, implementation of per-subscriber API volume limiting, and integration of third-party APIs for SaaS management and metrics.

DreamFactory can automate all of these requirements, leaving your team to spend more time on what really matters: acquiring and caring for customers.

Launch Your SaaS Faster
Eliminate tedious additional coding and instead integrate DreamFactory directly into your SaaS backend.

Monetize Valuable Data
Instantly generate an API for almost 20 databases, and sell access through your SaaS or through the Rakuten RapidAPI Marketplace.

Use Reporting to Analyze and Grow Your Business
Our powerful reporting and visualization integrations will help understand more about customer and API behavior.

A large US retailer integrated DreamFactory into their brick-and-mortar checkout process to immediately add and update customer information within their automated marketing solution. » Learn more

Automate API Key Management and Delivery
DreamFactory administrators generally manage the platform using the powerful web-based administration console, however all aspects of the platform are additionally manageable via a set of system APIs. These APIs can generate and revoke API keys, define role-based access controls, impose volume limits, and more.

Integrate Third Party Billing, CRM, and Reporting APIs
Integrate any third-party service into DreamFactory and build powerful custom workflows capable of moving and transforming e-commerce and customer data in powerful ways.

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