Want to be involved?

If you are interested in hosting a DreamFactory Meetup in your area, we’d love to help! Just send us an email and we'll get back to you right away to help you out. Meetup groups are encouraged to help DreamFactory users get together and discuss how they’re using DreamFactory and how they can do even more. Users love app tutorials, code-walkthroughs, tips and tricks, and anything else needed to help them in their projects. We look forward to helping DreamFactory community members get together!

Join the DreamFactory Community near you!

Be a co-organizer

Some things you can do to get ready to be a co-organizer are:

  • Promote your event in advance! Use social media to promote and be sure to include hashtags that pertain to the meetup group you are speaking at.
  • Attend a couple of the events that are scheduled before yours, especially if you are new to the group. Pay attention to the way the group typically runs.
  • Contact others that may also be using DreamFactory either within your organization or someone you have connected with in our Forums.

How we can help

We’re here to support you! Some of the things we can do are:

  • T-shirts and stickers
  • Social media promotion
  • Materials to help you present
  • Ideas and experiences to help you with your session
  • Sponsorship - pizza and beer!
  • Best practices and tips for your meetup