Want to get the right APIs and server configuration for your projects? DreamFactory can help.
DreamFactory’s JumpStart program connects you with experts who can expedite initial configuration, setup, and tuning of DreamFactory in a hosted, scalable, production-ready environment.

It’s easy. DreamFactory engineers will arrange a kick-off call to find out about your development needs. They’ll then explain and work with you on the setup process as it relates to your implementation. The next step is a full LAMP stack installation on an Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance. It will be wholly owned by you and fully scalable on demand. On this virtual machine, we will:

  • Install DreamFactory
  • Set up local storage and a MySQL database
  • Make REST APIs available via HTTP with one API key and instantiate two remote service connections of your choosing. And if you’ve already been evaluating DreamFactory in our free, hosted sandbox environment, we’ll provide complimentary migration of your apps and services to your new cloud-hosted DreamFactory instance.
    After setup, we’ll verify and test your instance. One of our Customer Success Engineers will then hand over the installation with a live verification demo for you or your development team.