Reset DreamFactory Admin Password


Whether you forgot your password or just need to change it and have not configured email-based password recovery yet, you can do so by accessing your server via SSH. Utilizing Laravel's lesser-known feature, php artisan tinker, to make changes at the system database level we are able to do this very efficiently.

To make these changes you must have SSH access into your DreamFactory server.

Navigate to the DreamFactory root directory. For those who used an automated DreamFactory installer, the root directory will be /opt/dreamfactory. The path will vary in accordance to other installers.

Enter the terminal console:
$ php artisan tinker
Psy Shell v0.9.12 (PHP 7.2.28 — cli) by Justin Hileman

This command will retrieve the desired administrator account. Be sure to swap out the placeholder email address with the actual administrator address:
>>> $u = \DreamFactory\Core\Models\User::where('email', '[email protected]')->first();

Change the password to the desired value and save the results:
>>> $u->password = 'secret';
=> "secret"
>>> $u->save();
=> true

Confirm the password has been encrypted (hashed) by referencing the $u object's password attribute:
>>> $u->password
=> "$2y$10$jtlt8D8fHWzgoosAV/P6m.w459QE6ntNfbXo.1x6V9GPXGVT7IFfm"

Exit the console, and return to the browser to login using the new password:
>>> exit

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