Transform DreamFactory MySQL API Response


When retrieving records from a database-backed API, DreamFactory will return an array of one or more JSON objects containing the column and value mappings. However, the client initiating the API call might require the response to be formatted differently than this default. Using a post-process event handler, you can intercept the response prior to returning it to the client and modify it to suit the custom requirements.

To install this script, open the Scripts tab and drill down to the table (or view) endpoint associated with the database API. Each endpoint offers a pre-process, post-process, and queued event handler. Because we need to manipulate the data after it has been returned from the data source, you'll choose the post-process handler. For instance, if the API namespace is mysql, and the target table is employees, then the leaf will be mysql._table.employees.get.post_process.

Before saving the script, be sure to enable the event handler by selecting the Active checkbox, and additionally enable the "Allow script to modify response payload" checkbox.

$responseBody = $event['response']['content'];

foreach ($responseBody['resource'] as $n => $record) {
	$record["name"] = [
	    "first" => $record["first_name"],
	    "last" =>  $record["last_name"]
	$responseBody['resource'][$n] = $record;

$event['response']['content'] = $responseBody;

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