MySQL's slow query log is an easy way to identify which SQL queries aren't performing particularly well.

DreamFactory can combine data from SQL and NoSQL databases via a single API call.

Sometimes an API response must be refactored before returning it to the client.

Sometimes part of an API response must be hidden or removed prior to returning the response to the client.

This example demonstrates how to chain execution of multiple DreamFactory-hosted APIs

All web traffic should be secured using SSL. Configure NGINX to ensure all HTTP traffic is automatically redirected.

DreamFactory injects custom data structures and variables into the scripting engine which can be used for logging and monitoring

Retrieve the client IP address using native PHP syntax

You'll often want to ensure certain API payload parameters exist. This is accomplished using DreamFactory's scripted endpoints.

Sometimes an API response must be transformed before returning it to the client. This is easily done using DreamFactory's scripted endpoints.

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