DreamFactory 2.0 Now Available

The second generation of the DreamFactory open source REST API backend provides major enhancements to API security, customizability, modularity, and performance. The product has been re-architected from the ground up using the latest PHP frameworks and web standards. The results are spectacular.


Re-usable REST APIs instantly

Live API docs

Flexible API customization

Rock solid API Security

Administration web console

Sample apps

Key Enhancements in DreamFactory 2.0

  • Engine rewrite for maximum performance at high transaction volumes
  • Adopted JSON Web Token (JWT) for completely stateless operation at scale
  • Architectural improvements for "Platform as a Service" and Docker Containers
  • Comprehensive integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and OAuth
  • Highly-flexible role-based security at the user-app level
  • Custom API creation capabilities with support for API interface editing using multiple server-side scripting languages, including V8 JavaScript, Node.js, and PHP
  • Includes MongoDB for instant integration with the leading NoSQL database
  • Modular, lightweight installation so you can deploy only the packages you need
  • All-new example apps for AngularJS, JavaScript, Titanium, iOS, and Android

"DreamFactory is going to be the backbone of all of our external API data exchanges, and 2.0 has made a good thing even better."

Daniel Levine
Vice President of Operations
Top Dog Solutions, Inc.

"The new version of DreamFactory comes with many enhanced features and configurations. Less hassle for front end developers who don't want to write a whole backend service or APIs."

Andy Rai
IT infrastructure manager