APIStrat + APICraft Boston Meetup

- Boston, MA

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 to Friday, November 4, 2016

We will be attending APIStrat Conference and also co-hosting an official afterhours Meetup with APICraft Boston on Wednesday, November 2nd. RSVP here.

Join our Head of Developer Relations and Community Manager at APIStrat in Boston and a DreamFactory + APICraft Meetup November 2nd where she will talk about: Why Reusable APIs Win for Enterprise Mobile Development.

About her talk: This talk describes lessons learned writing one-off APIs the bad way, important characteristics of a reusable API, and how architects and developers can use reusable APIs in practice. With mobile applications taking over the enterprise, this talk provides practical guidance for a winning API strategy. REST API complexity is an important problem for companies building mobile applications. The tendency to build new APIs for each new project has negative consequences over time. Adopting a REST API platform strategy with reusable and general-purpose services addresses this problem and provides many benefits in terms of more agile development and quicker time to value. In this paper I have tried to provide some of the lessons we learned about constructing reusable REST APIs while developing the DreamFactory platform — I hope this provides a useful template as your enterprise embarks on mobile application development.