Managing DreamFactory REST API Backends with DreamFactory Enterprise

DreamFactory - Webinar

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

10-11am PST / 1-2pm EST

Mobile, web, and IoT applications need a secure RESTful backend to a growing number of data sources. DreamFactory provides that backend by generating secure, reusable, customizable REST APIs for virtually any data source instantly. But how do you provision and manage multiple DreamFactory instances across development, test, and production? Across different projects, business units, or customers? How can you run it more efficiently on shared infrastructure? The answer is DreamFactory Enterprise.

Join Ben Busse, VP of Products, and Todd Appleton, Director of Engineering, to learn about the new way to manage multiple DreamFactory RESTful backends.

What you'll learn in this one-hour webinar with live Q&A

  • How to get REST APIs for any data source instantly
  • How to provision, govern, and report on multiple DreamFactory instances—all from a single management platform
  • The different use cases for DreamFactory and DreamFactory Enterprise within your organization

Who should attend

  • Enterprise and solution architects, Ops, and DevOps personnel
  • Mobile and Web application development agencies
  • Systems Integrators
  • ISVs and SaaS providers
  • Cloud IaaS providers
  • Anyone interested in getting and managing REST APIs