Webinar: Build Modern Apps with DreamFactory's REST API

Bitnami - Online

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Build Modern Apps with DreamFactory's REST API. Featuring Bitnami's Cloud Partner: Oracle Cloud Platform.

Why You Should Watch:
Our upcoming webinar features DreamFactory, a REST API Middleware Platform for mobile, web, and IoT development. DreamFactory instantly turns your Oracle database into a comprehensive palette of REST APIs that developers can use to quickly build applications. We will be showcasing the features of DreamFactory's Oracle integration with a hands-on demo that covers Oracle database connectivity, key features of the Oracle REST API, event scripting, and role-based access control on API endpoints.

Register now to learn:
-How DreamFactory decouples front-end and back-end development to reduce project costs.
-How to use DreamFactory to connect to your on-premises Oracle database or Oracle DBaaS in the cloud and instantly generate a comprehensive REST API.
-The power and ease of DreamFactory's Oracle REST API to interact with Oracle data, schema, stored procedures, functions, and multi-database queries.