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DreamFactory's SAML 2.0 Service

Introducing DreamFactory's SAML 2.0 SSO Service DreamFactory 2.4.2 introduces the SAML 2.0 Single Sign On service. Now you can easily authenticate into DreamFactory using your external SAML 2.0 identity provider (IdP).

Arif Islam Arif Islam - 2/13/17

DreamFactory's Smart Logging Service

Introducing DreamFactory's Event-Driven Log Service In DreamFactory 2.3.1 we introduced the Log service supporting Logstash, which allows you to send any log messages to a Logstash service, utilize the power of ELK stack, and get REST API usage data using visual tools like Kibana. However, there was one limitation: the DreamFactory Logstash service wasn't smart enough to do anything on its own.

Arif Islam Arif Islam - 2/6/17

Wrangling Your Data with Database Functions

One of the fundamental goals of the DreamFactory platform is to make it easy to get the data you want, in the format you want, from the sources you have available. Sometimes the type and/or format of the data in the database isn't easy to pass to and from a client RESTfully, particularly using JSON or XML payloads. DreamFactory's database functions support solves this problem.

Lee Hicks Lee Hicks - 2/2/17

DreamFactory 2.4.2 adds logging, SAML, and Azure AD

DreamFactory 2.4.2 is live! This release adds new APIs for SAML and Azure Active Directory, event-driven configuration of the logging service, database function support, usability improvements to the schema manager, and a whole lot more. You can download the 2.4.2 release from Bitnami or GitHub now. Here's a roundup of 2.4.2 improvements:Version 2.4.2 release notes

Ben Busse Ben Busse - 1/31/17

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Matthew Schaer Matthew Schaer - 1/23/17

Securely Sharing Your Swagger API Docs with DreamFactory

A common use case is securely sharing your API docs in DreamFactory with other users who aren't DreamFactory admins. You might need to share specific API endpoints with partners, customers, or other developers. This short tutorial demonstrates how to set up role-based access control to specific API endpoints and easily share a secure link to DreamFactory's live Swagger API docs. Let's get started!Step One: Set up a role. 

Ben Busse Ben Busse - 1/11/17

Nurse Call systems for Hospitals and Rest Homes.

John Gilfillan, Software Engineer from Miracle Electronics, created Nurse Call or Care Call systems for Hospitals and Rest Homes. They wanted a REST API that could interact with their software, as well as to give users the ability to make changes to the system remotely. They run a software application called "Angel" on a P.C. which monitors call points located at the bedside of each Hospital patient or in the home of a Rest Home occupant.  

Alex Bowen Alex Bowen - 12/27/16

Database Table Endpoint Obfuscation Through Custom Scripting

DreamFactory’s power lies in the automatic generation of API endpoints and its standardization. There are times however, where you need something a little more custom, and that’s why we have scripting engines included. Let’s look at a specific use case for custom scripting that we have users ask about a lot.

Drew Pearce Drew Pearce - 12/21/16

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