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DreamFactory 2.10 adds OpenAPI 3.0 and Admin App RBAC

DreamFactory 2.10 is live! The 2.10 release adds support for the OpenAPI 3.0 spec, role-based access control for the DreamFactory Admin App, and a number of bug fixes. Head on over to Bitnami or GitHub to install DreamFactory 2.10. Here's what's new:Version 2.10 release notes

Ben Busse Ben Busse - 11/10/17

Using Windows SSO with DreamFactory

DreamFactory 2.9 supports Single Sign On (SSO) using Windows Authentication. DreamFactory's SQL Server service also supports Windows Authentication. However, SSO with Windows Authentication has some prerequisites. Here's what you need to know to set it up. DreamFactory SSO with Windows Authentication requires the following prerequisites:

Arif Islam Arif Islam - 10/9/17

Integrating GitHub and GitLab with Scripts

DreamFactory 2.9 introduces a new feature that allows you to link your event scripts and custom scripts to a file that is managed in your GitHub or GitLab account. This feature uses the new GitHub and GitLab services in DreamFactory 2.9. This eliminates the need to manually update your DreamFactory scripts when you update those scripts in your source control repo.

Arif Islam Arif Islam - 10/4/17

Why We Moved to Oracle Cloud

Over the years, we have used a few different cloud providers to host DreamFactory Developer Sandboxes. Every single cloud provider uses different terms and concepts for basically the same thing - compute, storage, transfer, gateways, and DNS routing, just to name a few. Having recently made the switch to the Oracle Bare Metal platform for our API Automation Portal, our team was immediately impressed by cost, performance, and ease of use.

Ben Busse Ben Busse - 9/28/17

DreamFactory 2.9 Adds Git Services

DreamFactory 2.9 introduces two brand new services - GitHub and GitLab. This feature provides an easy way to connect to your project’s Git repositories and access them from DreamFactory. The real benefit here is the ability to create a live link to your DreamFactory server-side script that you manage on your own GitHub or GitLab account. 

Arif Islam Arif Islam - 9/26/17

DreamFactory 2.9 adds AD SSO, GitHub, and GitLab

DreamFactory 2.9 has shipped! This release has some significant enhancements, including support for Active Directory Single Sign On, SQL Server Windows Authentication, and scripting integration with both GitHub and GitLab. You can get the 2.9 release from Bitnami or GitHub. Here's what's new:Version 2.9 release notes

Ben Busse Ben Busse - 9/24/17

Using Event Scripts to Filter Related Data

One of DreamFactory's most popular features is the ability to pull in foreign key related records in an API call, and even to create your own virtual relationships between disparate data sets. This make compiling all the data you need in one place a matter of asking the API for the related items.

Drew Pearce Drew Pearce - 9/12/17

Get Notified with Event Limit Triggers

With the release of DreamFactory 2.8 Gold, we are happy to introduce scriptable events for API Rate Limits. These events fire every time an API Rate Limit is exceeded. Along with custom scripting, you can act on the event in a number of ways, such as sending a push notification, writing to a log, updating a database, or sending a notification email. 

Charles Harmon Charles Harmon - 8/15/17

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