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Turn CSV files into REST APIs with DreamFactory's Data Importer

DreamFactory 2.7 introduces a new system endpoint - api/v2/system/import that allows you to import data files using a database service of your choice. Currently the feature supports CSV files. Support for XML and JSON is on our roadmap for future releases. This new endpoint is a DreamFactory native endpoint and it is a part of the “system” service. This endpoint is available to use right out of the box without the need for installing additional driver/extensions.

Arif Islam Arif Islam - 6/13/17

DreamFactory 2.7 adds CSV file import, OpenID Connect, and custom installation

DreamFactory 2.7 has shipped! This release includes support for CSV file import, OpenID Connect, a new installer program to customize your DreamFactory installation, and many more bug fixes and enhancements. Get the 2.7 release from Bitnami or GitHub now. Here's what's new:Version 2.7 release notes

Ben Busse Ben Busse - 6/12/17

IoT Expert Panel Discussion Recap

On May 24th DreamFactory hosted an IoT expert panel discussion.  Moderated by VP of Product Ben Busse and featuring industry experts DreamFactory CEO Bill Appleton and IoT Industry thought leader, Advisor, Analyst and Architect Janakiram MSV. In case you missed it, let me give you the scoop.

Matthew Schaer Matthew Schaer - 6/5/17

Use Case - DreamFactory helps power a large GIS website

There are many diverse organizations around the world leveraging the power of DreamFactory’s open source REST API to tackle some really cool projects. One government organization in Southeast Asia is using our REST API to power their Geographic Information System (GIS) website. It may not seem like an important project, however, this organization is now providing access to geospatial information on everything developers need to know about what is going on, where in their country.

Kaitlynn Sirotkin Kaitlynn Sirotkin - 6/2/17

Introducing DreamFactory's OpenID Connect Service

DreamFactory 2.7 Silver and Gold now includes the OpenID Connect service . As you may know, OpenID Connect is a wrapper around OAuth 2.0. This means you can now easily authenticate your users into a DreamFactory-based application using any OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect service provider.

Arif Islam Arif Islam - 5/22/17

A RESTful introduction to Open Data APIs using the DreamFactory HTTP Service

Dreamfactory has long touted our ability to securely generate REST APIs from a slew of different sources like SQL,NoSQL,SOAP, Files, AD/LDAP, SNS, SSO but Dreamfactory also allows you to connect existing REST services. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to configure an HTTP service in DreamFactory using Open Data from, test it out and even infuse a little Swagger for documentation!

Matthew Schaer Matthew Schaer - 5/16/17

DreamFactory 2.6 adds Firebird SQL and API management improvements

DreamFactory 2.6 has shipped! We've added Firebird SQL support and some major enhancements to API management as well as many API improvements and important bug fixes. You can download the 2.6 release from Bitnami or GitHub now. Here's what's new:Version 2.6 release notes

Ben Busse Ben Busse - 5/2/17

Introducing API Limits

Along with the release of DreamFactory 2.5.0, we added the ability to control and limit API calls to your DreamFactory instance on several levels. This feature is currently available in DreamFactory Gold. The API limits feature makes it easy to set limits on an entire DreamFactory instance, for a specific user, role, or service. Additionally, you can set limits for each user, where every user will get a separate counter.

Charles Harmon Charles Harmon - 3/20/17

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