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Velocity Partner Program

Accelerate time-to-value with Velocity Partnerships

Our Velocity Partner Programs are designed for companies that build apps & architect enterprise infrastructure. We offer targeted programs with different levels of developer training and support, co-marketing, hosted free-trial systems, and revenue sharing.

Our Velocity Developer program is our all-inclusive program designed for System Integrators, Development Firms, and Agencies. Our Velocity Value Add and Embed programs are designed for ISV’s that want to leverage DreamFactory as an extensibility engine for their applications.

Build an API Automation Practice with recurring value

Modern mobile, web, and IoT applications require robust RESTful interfaces for an expanding variety of data sources. Deploying DreamFactory in engagements allows collaborative teams to auto-generate APIs—instantly turning customer data sources into "developer ready" REST endpoints.

Non-disruptive integration is an essential capability of the DreamFactory REST API platform for development partners. Simply connect DreamFactory to any data resource and it will create a palette of developer APIs in-situ and with no changes to the customer database. This makes it an ideal platform in secure enterprise engagements.

Velocity Developer partners deliver application development projects up to 60% faster than their competitors with far less risk. Furthermore, leveraging the DreamFactory platform, partners can roll-up tactical API engagements into an enterprise infrastructure opportunity with recurring value.

Instantly transform DBs into API Platforms

Our ISV and Embed partners leverage DreamFactory in two primary ways:

Public APIs: Simply connect DreamFactory to your database and you instantly have a full REST API platform to enable your ecosystem of customers and partners to build custom apps and integrations.

Enterprise integration: By instantly API enabling your customer’s databases, DreamFactory allows you to deliver a “single pane of glass” to blend legacy systems, new data resources, with your application.

Velocity Program features

  Velocity Dev
Build an API Automation practice
Velocity Value Add
Integrate DreamFactory with your solution
Velocity Embed
Embed DreamFactory in your solution
Partner edition, DreamFactory API Automation platform    
Developer Sandbox stack
Premium Developer Support  
Sales Training bidirectional bidrectional  
Developer Training/Certification  
Partner Manager  
Co-marketing/Lead Sharing Partner Listing/Web Links
Revenue Sharing Referral/Resell Referral/Resell  
Hosted Customer Trial Sandboxes