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SOAP to REST The Right Way

Does your project require interfacing with legacy SOAP services but you need to communicate via REST? Using DreamFactory’s SOAP connector you can immediately begin communicating with SOAP services using REST and JSON, avoiding the necessity to integrate SOAP-specific functionality into your project, or worse, rebuild the SOAP service from scratch.

But You Need More Than Just SOAP to REST...

DreamFactory’s auto-generated APIs are secure, documented, and extensible, in line with industry best practices. You’ll save money, time, and effort by not reinventing the wheel and instead taking advantage of the following features:


Worried about unauthorized third-parties access your service logic and data? DreamFactory requires all REST interactions to be accompanied by an API key that restricts access to the service and its underlying functionality and data.

Access Control

Application code riddled with ad hoc role-based access control logic? With the click of a button, you can create, assign, and manage access groups that are as granular as you need. For instance, you could use this capability to limit certain applications to read-only requests, while allowing others to both retrieve and manage data.

Custom Business Logic

Unable to modify legacy service business logic? Use DreamFactory’s pre- and post-request event handling scripting capabilities to validate request input, throw exceptions, and even completely transform your domain models using one of five supported languages (Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and the V8.js scripting language).

Logging and Limiting Requests

In the dark regarding who is accessing your services? What about usage volume? DreamFactory’s logging and limiting features allow you to create audit trails identifying who accessed services and determine when they were accessed. Additionally, you can assign API request quotas to users and services, defining and monitoring request volume on a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and even on a minute by minute basis.

Auto-generated API Documentation

Team grumbling about missing and inconsistent API documentation? All DreamFactory services come with auto-generated and interactive Swagger documentation. Team members can use these documents to become familiar with the endpoints, functionality, and payloads before even writing a single line of code!

DreamFactory is Easy

No special changes to your SOAP service are required. Just supply the WSDL URL and optional authentication credentials, and DreamFactory will generate the corresponding REST API, complete with a Swagger document allowing you to interact with the service via DreamFactory’s interface.

DreamFactory is Enterprise Ready

Our enterprise customers rely on DreamFactory to manage thousands of REST services, sending millions of daily requests through their environments. Supported within any enterprise environment, your on-premise instance can be installed, managed and scaled with ease. Our 24x7 support team is committed to ensuring your project succeeds, and our engineering team is ready to assist in proof of concept development and custom implementations.

Let’s Talk

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