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Get REST APIs for Your HTML5 Project – Instantly!

DreamFactory is a free, open source software package that provides all the RESTful services you need to build fantastic mobile, web, and IoT applications. With DreamFactory, you can connect to any backend data source (SQL, NoSQL, file storage, external web services) and instantly get a comprehensive palette of secure, reliable, and customizable REST APIs for your application.

Stop wasting time building and testing server-side software for each new project! With DreamFactory, you get a fully documented REST API that returns JSON data with just a few clicks. DreamFactory also provides convenient client SDK interfaces for all major development environments, including AngularJS, jQuery, Sencha, .NET, iOS, and Android.

Sign up below for a Free Developer Environment today. You can always install the open source software package on any server and move your applications at any time. One-click installation packages for Amazon, Azure, Google, Bitnami, and other cloud platforms are available at the DreamFactory website. The source code is available under the Apache License at GitHub. Community support is available on the DreamFactory Forum.


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