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DreamFactory and Retail

I downloaded the OSS package and began to experiment. Everything I needed was right there. We now use this implementation with a licensed commercial version of DreamFactory to interface with our still “API-less” ERP system to serve data for our customers. We send inventory and pricing data in near real-time to our customers upon checking out of our in development e-commerce website. It works and I didn’t have to write a single line of code to interface two previously incompatible data sources. --- Lee Quessenberry, E.C. Barton & Co. (read the entire customer story here)

Connect Your Systems Faster

DreamFactory can instantly unlock data bottled up inside government databases by generating REST APIs which your developers can then integrate into citizen-facing web and mobile applications. Each API includes complete documentation, and is secured by default. Once generated, administrators can use point-and-click controls to add:

  • Role restrictions: Define exactly what data can be exposed through your APIs, ensuring sensitive information is never leaked.
  • Limiting: Place time-based limits on API access, helping to reduce the possibility of unauthorized data downloads by malicious third-parties or disgruntled employees.
  • Logging: Integrate with the powerful API monitoring tools to create real-time dashboards capable of watching API health, request volume, and any other conceivable metric.
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Data Aggregation

Government entities are often forced to wrangle data residing in multiple different databases. DreamFactory's Data Mesh feature can merge data from these multiple databases, even if they hail from different vendors. By unifying your data, your team will be able to implement impactful solutions such as:

  • Creating unified dashboards: Departments and the citizenry can obtain birds-eye views of various governmental functions and data.
  • Performing real-time translations: Response data can be passed through third-party APIs such as IBM Watson, allowing you to perform real-time language translations to suit an increasingly diverse population.
  • Obfuscate and delete sensitive data: Naturally some data won't be intended for viewing by restricted parties; you can easily obfuscate or altogether remove this data via one of four supported scripting engines.

Service Flexibility

DreamFactory is by no means limited to solely auto-generating database APIs. The platform supports thousands of third-party data sources and services, including e-mail delivery, mobile notifications, REST and SOAP services, and custom scripted services. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, including:

  • Point of Sale integration: Many users have successfully integrated their Point of Sale systems into their DreamFactory API workflows, allowing for easy connection to CRM and marketing systems.
  • ServiceNow integration: Many companies use ServiceNow to facilitate many procurement and operational tasks. Add the ServiceNow API to your DreamFactory instance and take advantage of automated communications with the ServiceNow platform.
  • Text message communications: It's easy to add Twilio, Nexmo, and other text message delivery providers to DreamFactory, allowing you to create custom messaging solutions that plug right into your internal systems.
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