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DreamFactory and Software

DreamFactory streamlines everything and makes it easy to concentrate on building your frontend application. I had found something that was just click, click, click.....connect, and you're good to go. --- Edo Williams, Intel

Software teams have long adhered to the Project Management Triangle, boiling software down to being "fast, good, or cheap" and one is only allowed to choose two of these attributes. The DreamFactory Platform dispels this notion by providing a solution that allows developers to build and manage fast, architecturally sound, reusable, and flexible APIs far faster (and therefore cheaper) than could ever be done manually.

A complete list of DreamFactory's capabilities and integrations is available on the Products page, so rather than reiterate that information here let's instead talk about the possibilities from a project-specific perspective.

Web and Mobile Application Development

Whether you're building an web-based, iOS, or Android application, chances are the application data will be managed within a hosted database such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. DreamFactory can instantly turn these and 16 other databases into a secure and full-featured REST API that you can begin integrating into your application right now rather than weeks or months from now were your team to build the API manually.

Another typical application requirement is user registration and authentication. DreamFactory supports basic authentication, Active Directory, LDAP, OpenID, Auth0, and Okta, to name a few. This means you can begin integrating authentication into your application without writing any backend code! No-code integration with e-mail delivery providers like Mailgun and with mobile notification solutions like Apple Push notifications will further streamline your development timeline.

No-code or Low-code Dashboards

Management requires a wide-ranging understanding of company metrics in order to make informed decisions. However obtaining a bird's-eye view can be difficult due to data often being siloed within multiple databases, applications, and third-party services. Further, teams assigned the task of building these dashboards often don't possess the knowledge necessary to build the dashboard frontend or backend interfaces, making development a very time-consuming and expensive dilemma.

DreamFactory integrates seamlessly with hosted dashboard solutions such as Geckoboard, as well as self-hosted interactive table libraries such as Tabulator and DataTables. With DreamFactory managing the backend, and these latter solutions responsible for the frontend, your team will build and launch interactive dashboards and tables in days rather than weeks or months.

Customer Onboarding

Some of our largest technology-oriented customers use DreamFactory for customer onboarding. Onboarding typically involves providing an interface for registration of new customers who have recently purchased a technology product, and the goal is to marry a new customer account with a product ID and additionally persist the customer information within a CRM such as Salesforce. Once connected, other APIs integrated through DreamFactory can then be used to enhance the customer's product experience.

Data Monetization

Many organizations are realizing the value of painstakingly assembled internal corporate data sets, and are making this information available for public consumption in exchange for a monthly or per-access fee. DreamFactory's API limiting capabilities can easily be integrated into a Saas product, and assigned on a per customer basis. Further, the data itself can be exposed via an auto-generated API, and each customer can be provided with an auto-generated API key, allowing your team to easily monitor API usage on a per-customer basis.

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