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Los Angeles County Development Agency

Using Technology to Improve Society

DreamFactory has recently partnered with the Los Angeles County Development Authority. The organization focuses on addressing the issues on affordable housing, community economic development, and generational homelessness in Los Angeles. Every day the LACDA receives numerous applications for Section 8 and rental housing. Additionally, they are constantly monitoring data collected from their community economic development initiatives. The data is handled internally and collected by a tenant application for client use.

The DreamFactory Platform plays a pivotal role in the management and allocation of data managed within LACDA's electronic tenant application. The platform acts as a unifying source for their databases, primarily SQL Server instances hosted within Azure Cloud services. The generation of RESTful, live, documented APIs via DreamFactory is crucial to the consumption of data on their front-end. As with any API generated within DreamFactory, they are able to secure their data seamlessly and establish certain access to their API endpoints internally.

DreamFactory's ability to unify, secure, and designate admin users for RESTful APIs is streamlining the process of upgrading their tenant application. The organization is now able to shift away from several third-part applications within their code to having a single source for data distribution. The native connectors being utilized within this project are just scratching the surface of DreamFactory's capabilities. The development team is now gameplanning to integrate DreamFactory into future applications for public access.

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