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Dream Careers

What we do

DreamFactory engineers have been working with APIs for more than twenty years.We worked with XML-RPC in 1998, SOAP in 2002, and REST and JSON in 2004. We laid the groundwork for the DreamFactory platform more than a decade ago with the release of our Salesforce connector. This evolved into the platform that can now connect to thousands of services, and which is used by thousands of companies around the globe.

Who we are

DreamFactory Software is headquartered in Las Vegas, with offices in California, Ohio, and Australia. Our open source platform offers app developers a complete backend solution for managing users, services, and data via a REST API. We're always looking to hire talented, highly-motivated people who love working with technology, and invite you to e-mail your resume to [email protected] We encourage you to include links to samples of your work if applicable. For developers, our code is open source and available on GitHub so check it out.

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