DreamFactory powers thousands of companies

DreamFactory helps customers build modern API-driven applications in record time. Here are a few of their stories.


Philipps-University of Marburg

DreamFactory aids in a chronic pain solution

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DreamFactory is at the core of TECHeGO's powerful ERP platform

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Verizon Cloud

Discover how DreamFactory gave Verizon Cloud a turnkey developer portal.

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Learn how Intel uses DreamFactory to expose legacy SQL data as a powerful REST API for AngularJS.

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Maxwell Lucas

Read how Maxwell Lucas uses DreamFactory to deliver a world-class travel advisory application for their enterprise companies.

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Senske Services

Find out how Senske Services uses DreamFactory to REST-enable Microsoft SQL Server for a mobile ticketing application.

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The Binary Workshop

Discover why Binary Workshop uses DreamFactory as the REST API platform for their co-working SaaS applications.

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Find out how DreamFactory enabled communication between the shop floor, a backend MySQL database, and a proprietary e-commerce portal.

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