Get Fantastic REST APIs. Instantly.

With DreamFactory, you're just a few clicks away from fantastic REST APIs. In minutes, you can:

  • Connect to any data source
  • Instantly get a full palette of secure, reliable, customizable REST APIs and live API documentation
  • Build apps on reliable RESTful services

DreamFactory handles complex server-side tasks including user management, access controls, push notifications, and more. You simply make REST calls and DreamFactory returns JSON data.

It's the smartest way to get fantastic REST APIs for your mobile, web, and IoT projects. And since it's free, open source software, you can run it on any server, cloud, or Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

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Founder Bill Appleton explains why we built DreamFactory and how it helps developers.

REST Any Data Source

Get REST APIs for any data source, instantly. DreamFactory auto-generates and configures RESTful APIs for SQL, NoSQL, file storage, external web services, and email services—with more on the way.

It even provides a MySQL database with the distribution that you can use for your apps.

More about data sources

Instant REST APIs and Documentation

Instantly get high-quality REST APIs with live, interactive API documentation for your projects. DreamFactory uses Swagger to provide a simple, yet powerful, representation of your RESTful APIs.

See the Live API in action

Simple Administration

The Admin Console makes it easy to hook-up your data sources, explore your APIs, manage users and roles, and build your applications.

Explore the Admin Console

Customize Your APIs

Easily customize your APIs with pre- and post-processing scripting logic. DreamFactory makes it easy with server-side scripting powered by the V8 JavaScript engine.

Read more about server scripting

Client SDKs

DreamFactory provides client SDK interfaces for HTML5, JavaScript, and native iOS and Android development. They simplify development with user-friendly wrapper functions for commonly used API calls.

Find out about client SDKs

Manage Users and Access

DreamFactory integrates with Active Directory, LDAP, and OAuth, and takes care of user management, authentication, single sign-on, role-based permissions, and record-level access controls.

You won't have to hassle with building user management and access controls for each new project anymore.

More about access control

Enterprise-Grade Security

DreamFactory provides multiple levels of security. All DreamFactory platform services use the HTTPS protocol. And since it's open source software instead of MBaaS, you can use the same deployment and security practices you use for other applications. You can control access, configure firewalls, monitor usage, make backups, optimize for performance, and deploy applications with familiar tools and systems. And, you get to choose whether to use a trusted cloud provider or your own data center to manage application security.

More about security

Superior Scalability. Made Simple.

DreamFactory is designed to scale for massive deployments of transactional mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

DreamFactory is architected as a standard LAMP stack running PHP. So, all of the things you and your team already know about scaling simple websites can be directly applied to scaling the DreamFactory Services Platform for massive transaction volumes.

More about scalability

Run on Any Server

DreamFactory is open source software. You can run it on any server, in the cloud, or on your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop. Single-click installers for popular IaaS, PaaS, and desktop environments make it easy to run DreamFactory anywhere.


Many Apps. One Platform.

DreamFactory can host any number of mobile, web, and IoT applications and they can all share the same API palette. The security wrapper extends across the entire set of apps running on the platform, protecting your data on the server side. Where you should.

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Deeper SQL Support

We love SQL. A lot. So we engineered DreamFactory to provide deeper SQL query coverage and SQL security than any other backend integration platform. If you're trying to mobilize SQL data, there's no better way than DreamFactory.

Deep SQL Features