The Ultimate Open Source Mobile Backend

DreamFactory is an open source mobile backend that provides RESTful services for building modern applications. DreamFactory automatically generates a comprehensive, customizable, and secure REST API for any data source.

Dreamfactory functions as server middleware. With just a few clicks, you can connect your applications to backend resources such as SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, and push notifications with an automatically generated Representational State Transfer (REST) API. DreamFactory also provides a user management system that provides runtime security on all API calls and scripts accessing backend data via the platform.

Founder Bill Appleton explains why we built the DreamFactory Services Platform and how it helps developers.

DreamFactory RESTful Backend

DreamFactory provides RESTful backend services that allow you to connect to any device with any data source with just a few clicks.

DreamFactory provides SDKs for Android, iOS, AngularJS, Javascript, Titanium, and more, making it easy to interface with RESTful backend services from your favorite development environment.

DreamFactory integrates with your security controls and provides built-in user management and granular access permissions, all the way down to record-level access controls.

Easily customize auto-generated REST APIs with pre- and post-processing scripting logic.

DreamFactory auto-generates a comprehensive palette of secure, reliable, customizable REST APIs for any data source, with unusually deep support for SQL databases. It also generates live, interactive API documentation allowing developers to easily understand and test APIs.

With a few clicks, you can securely connect to SQL databases, NoSQL databases, file storage systems, and external web services. There's never been a better way to expose and manage data for enterprise mobile, web and IoT applications.

DreamFactory Platform Services Demo What it is, How it Helps

Check out the demo video to learn what you can do with the DreamFactory Services Platform. Or if you want a private demo, you can request one here.