Powerful REST APIs made Simple.

Stop writing APIs. Use the world's best open source REST API platform on your next project.


DreamFactory for developers

DreamFactory is a free Apache license download. Developers can download the runtime on any server, cloud, Linux, Windows or Mac OS X computer.

The runtime is a comprehensive REST API platform (L/W/MAMP stack).

The runtime allows developer to:

  • Get live, documented REST APIs for SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, push notifications and remote web services in seconds. No manual API coding required.
  • Customize API behavior as needed with server-side scripting on any REST API endpoint.
  • Secure each API endpoint with granular, role-based access permissions.
  • Call API endpoints from any client application and get JSON or XML back.

DreamFactory is the smartest way to get powerful REST APIs for your mobile, web and IoT projects. With DreamFactory, you can stop writing one-off REST APIs and security from scratch and get to work building awesome applications.

Re-usable REST APIs instantly

Simply enter credentials to SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, push notifications or a remote web service and get a powerful, ready-to-use REST API in seconds. The API is simple and flexible, allowing you to focus on building awesome applications instead of writing one-off APIs by hand for every new application project.

Live API docs

DreamFactory automatically documents every API call with live, interactive API Docs. The API docs use Swagger, the world's most popular open source project for API documenation. Live API docs make it easy for developers to learn and interact with API endpoints and API parameters before starting on development.

Flexible API customization

Any non-trivial application requires business logic on the server, such as field validation, workflow triggers, runtime calculations and more. DreamFactory makes it easy to customize API behavior with server-side scripts. Developers can easily attach scripts to any API endpoint, for both request and response. You can also write custom web services with Javascript and call existing scripts deployed on a server (e.g. NodeJS, PHP, Python, etc).

Rock solid API Security

Securing APIs is hard. DreamFactory is an API platform that protects every API endpoint at runtime with secure, role-based access control. Core security features include user management, single-sign on auth, role-based API access control, record-level permissions, OAuth, Active Directory integration and more. DreamFactory eliminates the hassle of developing one-off user management and API security for every new project.

Administration web console

There's a lot to manage on the back-end, especially when deploying many applications. DreamFactory's administration console makes it easy to manage REST API services, API access control, applications, administrators, end users, roles, server-side scripts and more - all in one place. Since each administrative action is exposed as a REST API, developers can also use the command line to administer projects.

Client SDKs

DreamFactory provides SDKs for iOS, Android, Javascript, AngularJS, .NET, Titanium and more. The SDKs and accompanying sample applications make developers productive right away and accelerate front-end development with user-friendly wrappers for commonly used API calls.

DreamFactory Enterprise management platform

DreamFactory Enterprise is a commercial software package that includes the DreamFactory open source runtime. Developers can download DreamFactory Enterprise on any server, cloud, Linux, Windows or Mac OS X computer and use it for free until the company is ready to deploy and manage applications in production.

DreamFactory Enterprise is used by enterprise dev ops, managed hosting providers, systems integrators and lSVs to manage and scale multiple instances of the open source runtime across development, test and production. DreamFactory Enterprise is an operational management platform (LNV/MAMP plus ELK stack).

Enterprise allows companies to:

  • Set up and configure server clusters to host multiple instances of the DreamFactory open source runtime.
  • Spin up dozens, hundreds or even thousands of open source runtime instances shared on a server cluster (multi-tenancy) for development, test and production. Sharing resources drastically reduces operational overhead and costs.
  • Use the built-in ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) to log every API transaction and perform API reporting an advanced API analytics.
  • Set API transaction limit policies at the instance and individual user level and throttle API calls at runtime based on policy rules.
  • Assign and revoke administrative ownership of each DreamFactory open source runtime instance running on premises and/or in the cloud.

DreamFactory Enterprise is a robust management platform for production deployments of the DreamFactory open source runtime. With DreamFactory Enterprise, you can be confident that production deployments are operationally world-class, highly secure, compliant and predictable in cost.

Cluster management

Instances of the DreamFactory open source runtime run on a server cluster. You can easily configure clusters of web servers, app servers and database servers to host multiple instances of the DreamFactory open source runtime. Use the administration web console or set up server clusters from the command line.

Instance management

An "instance" is the DreamFactory open source runtime. Most companies need multiple instances, for example separate instances for dev, test and production. DreamFactory Enterprise allows you to run many instances of the open source runtime on a particular server cluster, substantially reducing infrastructure costs and minimizing operational headaches. lt's easy to spin up new instances in seconds using the enterprise administration web console or directly from the command line.

API reporting with ELK

DreamFactory Enterprise comes with the extremely popular open source ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana). Every API call for every open source runtime instance is logged and searchable with Elasticsearch. Enterprise provides a user-friendly reporting front-end and pre-built reports for API calls and bandwidth segmented by cluster, instance, application, end user, API endpoint and more. You can also build custom analytics with ELK since every API transaction is securely logged.

API management

For both security and cost reasons, it's vital to define and enforce API call limits. DreamFactory Enterprise allows you to specify API limit policies that govern maximum API calls at both the instance and user level. Each open source instance adheres to the policies you set and dynamically throttles API calls at runtime based on your defined API limits. This provides protection against rogue API calls (eg. DDoS attacks) and gives you more control over infrastructure costs.

Team management

Any significant development project involves teams of developers and dev ops building, testing, deploying and maintaining applications across a spectrum of development, test and production environments. DreamFactory Enterprise enables architects, engineering managers and IT to assign development team control to each instance of the DreamFactory open source runtime, from a single developer instance to many instances operated by large development teams.