Apigee vs DreamFactory

"Nobody ever got fired from buying IBM"

Anybody who has worked in technology for a few years has almost certainly encountered this phrase. This catchphrase was often uttered in corporate offices because global players such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and of course Big Blue dominated the enterprise technology industry in such a way that it was deemed foolish to stake one's reputation on alternative solutions.

Thanks largely to the rise of the Web, in the last decade of the 20th century we began to see cracks in these companies' armor. This wasn't because the quality of their offerings and services had declined, but rather because the Internet gave rise to a great deal of competition not only from startups capable of more effectively marketing their offerings, but also from open source software. In the years since the Internet broke into the mainstream, Oracle found themselves contending with MySQL, Microsoft with Linux, and SAP with Workday. These days, even the replacements are being replaced, with startups like PipeDrive taking marketshare from Salesforce.

These days, this democratization of technology seems to have no boundaries. For instance, the cost and complexity of software tooling are rapidly evolving to the benefit of development teams. One particularly innovative area pertains to API management solutions; The need for security, speed, and simplicity has never been greater given the mission-critical role APIs play within modern IT environments. Established players such as Apigee have dominated this arena for several years now, yet a number of lesser-known but very capable players are nipping at their heels, including DreamFactory.

So how does DreamFactory stack up against Apigee? For many use cases, it does surprisingly well. The following table highlights key features shared by both platforms.

Feature Apigee DreamFactory Comment

Service Creation

DreamFactory's streamlined interface allows you to create new database APIs in less than 3 minutes How easy is it? Check out this video.

API Key Management

DreamFactory automatically generates and manages your platform API keys. You're free to create as many keys as you please, and can revoke them anytime.

Role-based Access Control

DreamFactory supports robust RBAC capabilities. Limit users to specific endpoints and methods through the point-and-click administrative interface.

Data Transformation

DreamFactory's scripting feature ensures business logic can be attached to any endpoint, allowing you to transform, obfuscate, and remove data prior to the payload being forwarded on to the destination client.

Data Mapping

DreamFactory's Data Mesh feature allows you to merge data hailing from multiple databases into a single API response. This tool is database- and location-agnostic, meaning you could for instance merge data from a MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database. See it in action.

Data Caching

DreamFactory supports multiple caching solutions, including Redis and Memcached. You can configure services to cache API responses for any desired period of time.

Transaction Support

DreamFactory supports the ability to both continue and rollback the update of multiple records in a single API call.

API Analytics

DreamFactory integrates with the powerful Elastic Stack platform, allowing you to create amazing dashboards highlighting all aspects of your API behaviors.

API Limiting

DreamFactory's point-and-click API limiting feature allows you to define granular limits according to API, role, endpoint, and user. You can even apply verb-specific limits, for instance allowing 1,000 GET calls but only 100 POST calls within a specified time period.

High Availability

It's possible to run DreamFactory in high-availability environments, and additionally horizontally and vertically scale the platform to suit any load requirement.

Of course, this isn't a comprehensive feature summary. The reality is Apigee offers a dizzying array of capabilities, far outpacing DreamFactory in this regards. But do your business requirements necessitate a kitchen sink solution? What additional ROI will be gained by spending more money on unused features? Chances are your project will be equally successful by choosing DreamFactory, and our laser focus on customer support and experience will only help to ensure an outstanding outcome.

In closing, while it may be true nobody ever got fired from buying Apigee, you will come out looking every bit the hero by choosing DreamFactory instead, saving your company a lot of money and quite a bit of time in the process.

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