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DreamFactory API Product Matrix

SQL API Experts

Your DreamFactory license is modular so you can pick and select only those features that you need now and add on additional modules as your projects scale. Even better, we can have you installed, configured and your first APIs generated within 30 minutes of our first call. Talk to our team today to build your custom quote and start accelerating your API development.

Database API Generation

Database API Generation & Management

Instantly generate secure REST APIs for over 20 native database connectors including big data services like Snowflake and Hadoop.

  • Unlimited API Creation

  • Unlimited API volume

  • Role based access control

  • Auto generation of Open API docs for all services

  • Instant access to dozens of fully documented endpoints

  • Access stored procedures as endpoints

Network API Generation & Management

Instantly generate secure REST APIs for common network data sources including any third party REST API.

  • SFTP, Azure Blob, AWS S3 + more file storage

  • AWS SES + more email

  • Mobile notification services

  • HTTP Universal connector

  • SOAP to REST conversion

  • Custom API Creation

  • IoT (MQTT and AMQP)

  • Source control services (GitHub etc)

  • Caching services

  • Excel to REST conversion
API Generation
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Advanced API Security

Advanced API Security

Instantly integrate any popular authentication service to reinforce your API security within your existing identity management systems. Ensure legislated data compliance with policies such as GDPR and HIPAA by enforcing API volume limiting and logging to enable auditing via custom dashboards.

  • OAuth

  • Active Directory and LDAP

  • OpenID Connect

  • AuthO

  • Okta

  • SAML

  • ELK Stack

  • Role-based Access Controls

  • Super Admin Control

API Scripting

Obfuscate endpoints, automate workflows, schedule notifications updates and more with any number of pre- or post-process scripts.

  • Transform responses and validate input

  • Access Sample and Existing Operational Scripts

  • Build Custom Scripts in PHP, Python (v2 and v3), or Node.js
API Scripting
API Data Mesh

API Data Mesh

Instantly establish virtual relationships between tables in the same database or multiple databases in different locations to present a unified JSON response.

Create virtual relationships between two or more SQL data sources:

  • Belongs To
  • Has One
  • Has Many
  • Many to Many

Multiple tables within a single database or across multiple databases.

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