The ultimate open source mobile backend.
DreamFactory takes care of the backend, so you can focus on building fantastic mobile applications. From user management and authentication to REST APIs and enterprise data security, we've got you covered.
Be an Enterprise Superhero
Need to deliver an enterprise mobile app in record time? DreamFactory can help. We provide an easy and secure way to REST-enable enterprise databases on your next mobile development project. You can take the credit.
Open Source Freedom
DreamFactory is a free-to-use open source project. Run it on your cloud server, Linux, Windows, or Mac. Embrace the freedom, you're never locked into a proprietary mess.

Install On Any Server

Install DreamFactory on any server, in the cloud, or on premises. Our open source software package is available on GitHub under the Apache License. We provide installers for Bitnami, Amazon, Azure, VMware, OS X, CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, and Ubuntu. Manage and deploy applications on your infrastructure.

Connect To Any Database

Connect to any database, file storage system, or external web service in minutes. We support SQL databases including MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. We support most NoSQL databases including MongoDB, and many file storage systems. Mobilize your legacy data sources.

Develop For Any Device

Develop modern applications for the phone, tablet, or desktop without writing server software. We generate a Client SDK for HTML5 frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS, and Sencha, and a code library for native clients like iOS, Windows 8, and Android. Use your favorite development environment.

What Is The DreamFactory Services Platform?

Company President Bill Appleton explains the history behind the DreamFactory Services Platform, why we built this great tool for developers, and what the product is all about.


Dreamfactory provides user management, single sign-on, and complete access control to your data


Dreamfactory scales horizontally and vertically on your server infrastructure.



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Dreamfactory is a mature open source project that fits into your existing IT infrastructure and dev ops processes

What developers are saying

Forget building user management, access control, and REST APIs from scratch. DreamFactory has allowed me to focus on what matters most - building a great application!

Gary Meyer
Independent Dev

DreamFactory lets us create, collect, aggregate and cloud-publish data from any IoT device, with complete flexibility to read and write to a large variety of cloud-hosted stores.

Chris Tacke
Solution Family

I work for a large enterprise technology company. DreamFactory has been great for our's open source, super easy to use, and provides the flexibility to run our apps in the cloud and on premises.

Edo Williams
Product Manager

DreamFactory does all the heavy lifting on the backend and has saved us months of development time.

Ashwin Shankar
Binary Workshop