Enterprise Security

DreamFactory can be installed on any server, in the cloud, or on premises. We maximize the performance, reliability and security of your mobile deployments.

Admin Console

DreamFactory comes with a built-in Admin Console that helps developers build applications, manage users and roles, and hook up to external data sources.

App Hosting

DreamFactory can host any number of applications that share access to the same REST API. Each application is a mini web site where you can quickly upload and manage various files and folders.

User Management

DreamFactory takes care of user management, single sign-on, and role based permissions. You can specify which applications the user can see, and what data they have the rights to access.

SQL Services

DreamFactory can connect to any SQL database including MySQL, DB2, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. The database can be on the local server, a remote server, or in the cloud.

NoSQL Data

DreamFactory provides wide support for popular NoSQL databases including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SimpleDB, Azure Tables, MongoDB, MongoHQ, and CouchDB. The platform works with both new and existing databases.

BLOB Storage

DreamFactory can connect to the major BLOB storage systems including Amazon S3, Azure BLOB, Rackspace Cloud Files, and OpenStack Object Storage. We also provide access to the local drive where DreamFactory is installed.

External Integration

DreamFactory provides an easy way to call external web services. The master credentials to each service are hidden by the platform, and users are granted access through single sign-on.