DreamFactory and TECHeGO Partner on Flagship ERP Marketplace in the Cloud

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Monday, October 31, 2016

CAMPBELL, Calif. & SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — DreamFactory, the API automation platform, and workflow consultancy TECHeGO today announced the launch of Hoist, a new AI-enabled marketplace in the cloud. DreamFactory’s unique ability to automate the API Economy made it possible for TECHeGO to create Hoist, which reinvents how people use and buy ERP solutions by empowering companies to build their own ERP solution.

“DreamFactory not only allowed us to expand on our functionality quite significantly through API automation, but to also deliver our solutions to clients in the cloud in a completely new business model”

Hoist is an ERP platform in the cloud that allows users to securely manage the services that will best increase their business efficiency, combining business extensions and user access with drag-and-drop ease and only paying for what they choose to use. The Hoist experience relies on DreamFactory’s automatically generated APIs to integrate disparate systems and data sources, and eliminate siloes.

Guiding Hoist is AVA, the TECHeGO artificial intelligence agent that makes Hoist a platform that learns. AVA enables Hoist to learn more every day with each new user, extension and connection, working with DreamFactory to automatically establish new connections, handles fixes and upgrades, and update and generate new APIs system-wide as required. Through AVA’s automation engine, users are able to leverage the connections made within the Hoist platform to automate connectivity and processes between platforms. The production of AVA was made possible through the core functionality of DreamFactory. TECHeGO is developing other products using the same connectivity and will be making them available in Hoist’s app marketplace in the coming months.

“The DreamFactory mission is to break down the barriers that keep companies and citizen developers from taking full advantage of the API Economy,” said Bill Appleton, CEO, DreamFactory Software. “Hoist is a great example of what’s possible when API automation is applied to push the boundaries of traditional development and enterprise software.”

DreamFactory enabled TECHeGO to eliminate a costly 10-month development cycle and build modular flexibility into Hoist. DreamFactory enables Hoist to automatically generate all the essential APIs that connect various business extensions, data sources, applications, and endpoints – without needing to move their data. Standardized API endpoints combine with strong security and user management to make Hoist a solid platform for modern business.

“DreamFactory not only allowed us to expand on our functionality quite significantly through API automation, but to also deliver our solutions to clients in the cloud in a completely new business model,” said Seth Helgeson Founding CEO, Enterprise Architect, TECHeGO. “Hoist provides a scalable path for companies that don’t have the resources or know how to revamp their ERP platforms for the future API Economy.”

By joining the DreamFactory Velocity Partner Program, TECHeGO benefitted from the technical resources it needed to make Hoist a simple and customizable experience for users, and continue to automatically learn on its own. DreamFactory’s core capabilities empowered TECHeGO to provide the drag-and-drop visual framework that lets Hoist users easily build their own ERP solution.

As DreamFactory and Hoist are open source, users who build business extensions, scripts or tools in Hoist can release them publicly to be improved by the community, and also list them on the marketplace for others to subscribe to. The innovative approach upends traditional ERP models that are expensive, require extensive coding, and still result in siloes between data sets, departments and even individuals.

Hoist is ramping up with several hundred early users, which include TECHeGO customers Ingram Micro, Citrix, Dun & Bradstreet, and Cirque du Soleil. The platform already includes connections for Podio, MailChimp, Shopify, and QuickBooks, and roughly 300 outlines are in the system. DreamFactory’s deep integration with Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, CouchDB, MySQL and SQL Lite, among other platforms, provides a critical benefit to Hoist.

The DreamFactory API automation platform was originally conceived as a better way to connect front-end applications to back-end data, automating generation of essential APIs. In doing so, DreamFactory securely removes barriers between data sources, eliminates unnecessary coding, and accelerates the development and operation of modern applications and services like Hoist.

DreamFactory designed its Velocity Partner Program for system integrators, development firms, and agencies that build applications and architect enterprise infrastructure. The program empowers a wide variety of companies to help their users build, scale, and host their applications. Velocity Partner Program benefits can include enterprise licensing, developer training and support, co-marketing, and revenue sharing.


DreamFactory is a software platform company that automates the API Economy. We provide a unique API automation platform that makes it easier to adopt and participate in this rapidly rising business model. Automatically generating the REST APIs that are the essential building blocks for mobile, web and IoT applications and services, DreamFactory is an open source run-time platform that instantly connects any data source to any device, and runs on any server or cloud service.

Based in Campbell, California, DreamFactory is engaged with customers as varied as Verizon Cloud, Maxwell Lucas, and BNY Mellon. Its legacy solutions are deployed across Fortune 500 companies that include Apple, Xerox, and GM Financial. More than 100,000 registered admins have downloaded the DreamFactory platform. For more information, visit www.dreamfactory.com, or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @dfsoftwareinc.


TECHeGO is an industry leader in workflow and system architecture, as well as process automation & extension development. TECHeGO has designed and integrated over 300 client systems in the past ten years, mastering the art of custom business designs that leverage connectivity and automations. The team at TECHeGO emphasizes the importance of business efficiency and strategy into each build and every extension they design. Creating ease of connectivity through its recent AVA project is just the latest in bringing this philosophy to life. TECHeGO looks to have formal launches for three core products by the end of Q1 2017. TECHeGO is currently going through Series A funding and their company business plan and profile can be found here.

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