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Generate, Secure & Deploy unlimited APIs to achieve a comprehensive management view of all your integrations..

DreamFactory allows you to instantly generate, secure and deploy REST APIs. Clients are able to instantly create APIs with DreamFactory native connectors as well as mount third party APIs via the Universal Connector. Combine multiple SQL tables through API-based joins and present a unified JSON response to customize your app requirements. Utilize built-in DreamFactory security controls to limit access and use of particular APIs down to the table and row level. Finally, enjoy a unified and consolidated admin view of all your services.

Data Mesh to combine unrelated databases

Create virtual foreign key relationships between tables in the same database or between completely different databases without altering your schema or writing any code. Create, read, update, or delete objects and related objects with a single API call.

Combine databases

Admin console

The admin console makes it easy to centrally manage the entire DreamFactory Platform, including your catalog of REST APIs, applications, scripts, security settings, users, roles, and more. All of the administrative capabilities are also exposed as a REST API in case you need to automate repetitive tasks.

Admin console

API publishing

DreamFactory makes it easy to publish your APIs for others to use. You can expose as many APIs and API keys as you need and apply flexible role-based access control to every API endpoint. DreamFactory makes it easy to API-enable your business with internal stakeholders, business partners, developers, end users, and anyone else who needs secure access to your API.

API publishing

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