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Generate Low Code APIs to connect your enterprise data sources securely & on time.

DreamFactory allows you to instantly generate, secure and deploy REST APIs. Clients with multiple enterprise integrations appreciate the rapid creation of REST APIs to allow customization of reports and executive dashboards. DreamFactory allows for maintenance of legislative compliance via robust logging limiting and auditing functions, layered on top of rock solid security. Integrate ERPs, CRMs and Salesforce or simply use DreamFactory to serve up instant APIs to your ESB, avoiding unnecessary overhead. Finally liberate data from legacy sources through a SOAP to REST connector to modernize your infrastructure.

Turn SOAP into REST

DreamFactory instantly turns any WSDL into a live, fully documented REST API. DreamFactory automatically converts the JSON request into SOAP, calls the legacy SOAP service, and then the SOAP response is converted back to JSON for the client application. DreamFactory also generates Live API Docs from the WSDL for testing.

Turn SOAP into REST

Federated access and data governance

DreamFactory is a privacy-by-design product engineered to fold in the governance safeguards to keep your data compliant for regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Keep legal, audit, security and compliance departments happy while still delighting your engineering team with streamlined development.

Federated access & data governance


Map Your PII


CRUD enables the right to be Forgotten and data portability


Logging enables access tracking, data breach reporting, privacy impact analysis


RBAC enables right of access, consent, and restriction of processing


Connect to machine learning and BI tools

API limits

DreamFactory makes it easy to centrally manage API limits across your entire organization. You can specify API rate limits at the instance, role, user, and endpoint level. Each DreamFactory instance is governed by API limits and automatically throttles API calls at runtime. API limits help protect against malicious attacks and manage costs at the critical API layer of your business.

API limits

Logging and reporting

DreamFactory comes with the popular ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, and Kibana) for logging and reporting on API traffic. Kibana provides flexible reporting on all API calls with pre-configured dashboards segmented by instance, application, role, user, API endpoint, and more.

Logging and reporting

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