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DreamFactory Downloads

You can install DreamFactory in a number of ways: using a cloud service, a local install, on any Linux or Windows server, or by using our hosted environment!

DreamFactory Hosted Has Arrived!

Did you know we offer a hosted version? That's right, you build and integrate the APIs and we'll do the rest! Start your 14 day trial now at!

GitHub and Docker

Did you know the DreamFactory platform is available under an OSS license? Head on over to GitHub and clone the application repository! The download includes four command-line installers for CentOS / RHEL, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. Our Docker container is becoming increasingly popular too.

Point-and-click Installers

Thousands of users prefer to install and maintain DreamFactory instances using the popular Bitnami point-and-click installer. These installers include everything you need to begin running DreamFactory, including a built-in database server, web server, and PHP runtime. IMPORTANT: While these installers are great for testing purposes, we do *not* recommend nor support their use in production environments.

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