DreamFactory Enterprise

DreamFactory management made easy.

DreamFactory Enterprise

DreamFactory Enterprise is a commercial software package that makes it easy to provision, govern, and report on multiple DreamFactory instances used across your development lifecycle. From a single management platform, your DreamFactory instances are fully managed, secure, compliant, and predictable in cost at the critical API layer.

It runs on a Linux server and includes the certified DreamFactory runtime for instant deployment. DreamFactory Enterprise empowers enterprise DevOps, managed hosting providers, systems integrators, and lSVs to manage and scale multiple instances across the development lifecycle.

Instance management

Spin-up and manage new DreamFactory instances in seconds. Run multiple DreamFactory instances on shared infrastructure to reduce costs.

User management

Easily manage admins, users, and access to each DreamFactory instance. Govern DreamFactory access across development, test, or large-scale production.

API management

Set API limit policies at the cluster, instance, and individual user level. Throttle API call traffic and protect against overused or unwarranted API calls.

API reporting

See API traffic with full logging and reporting features and pre-built dashboards using the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).

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