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Create a Cassandra REST API with DreamFactory

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What Is Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed NoSQL database designed to manage Petabytes of information. Originally developed at Facebook, it was later released as an open-source product and is now used by many businesses with large datasets.

Who Uses Cassandra?

Cassandra is used by many companies with large datasets. Users include Apple, Netflix, CERN, Comcast, Instagram, Reddit, and The Weather Channel.

Why is Cassandra Popular?

Cassandra is popular because it is highly scalable, fast, and uses peer-to-peer architecture, which enables continuous availability and provides it with excellent fault tolerance. This ensures that your app is always up and available for your customers to use. Additionally, Cassandra is free to use.

Integrating Cassandra REST API

With DreamFactory, integrating data from your Apache Casandra database into your application could not be any easier. This is an easy-to-use solution that requires no coding, and can even be performed by non-technical users. Why wait when you can create a REST API in just a few minutes?

Of course, speed and ease-of-use aren’t the only advantages DreamFactory has. Check out a few more of the advantages our software offers:

  • Focus: Developing a REST API for Cassandra will take your engineers days of work. With DreamFactory, your API can be up in minutes, freeing up valuable development time for focusing on other vital tasks.
  • Scalable: Need multiple APIs? No problem. The DreamFactory platform is truly scalable. Our clients include everyone from fast-growing startups to large corporations. Whatever your size, DreamFactory has the tools you need to make professional REST APIs.
  • Reuse Existing Database Logic: Why create more work for yourself? With DreamFactory, you can reuse stored procedures and functions rather than start again from scratch.
  • Data Mesh: The DreamFactory Platform’s Data Mesh feature enables you to combine Cassandra with other unrelated databases. Easily create virtual foreign key relationships without touching a single line of code, even when the databases sit in a different cloud. 

Cassandra is just one of many databases supported by DreamFactory. Other choices include Amazon Redshift, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL, all of which can be quickly connected and configured from within DreamFactory's web-based administration console.

Is your team creating or planning to develop a REST API for Apache Cassandra? Speak to a member of the DreamFactory team today to find out how our platform can save you time, free up development resources, and save money.

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