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Create Infor APIs with DreamFactory

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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is critical to supporting core business processes within large organizations. The ERP establishes a consolidated view of multiple systems including but not limited to inventory, sales data, manufacturing platforms, HR systems, CRM and many more. Most ERPs will seek to satisfy a particular industry need. Most big businesses would prefer to deploy an ERP on their own physical servers or host it in their own cloud environment, whereas small and medium businesses may opt for a public cloud or self hosted solution when cost is a limiting factor. In either situation, ERPs are often limited in terms of dashboard and reporting capabilities, often requiring expensive add-ons or time-consuming custom integrations.

Why Use a Infor Integration Tool

ERPs offer restricted extensibility yet allow unlimited access to the underlying database. Coupling database access with an integration platform such as DreamFactory presents an opportunity for ERP end users to realize long-desired features such as creating custom reports or integrating the ERP with other applications within the organization.

Integration for enterprise scale systems is critical to scaling horizontally and vertically. Not only must an ERP talk with CRM systems such as Salesforce or a transport fleet tracking solution, that data must also be embedded in value-added workflows to accelerate decision making. Furthermore, when a company is in a growth phase and is rapidly acquiring new business units, they will inherently come with their own applications and systems. Shouldn't there be an easier way to integrate with these newly acquired systems in a sane and secure way?

DreamFactory is the Infor Integration Platform of Choice

DreamFactory can extend an ERP via a read-only API-based interface, allowing teams to query data and migrate crucial information to other databases, reporting tools, dashboards, and more. Consider the following characteristics:

  • Secure: DreamFactory offers extensive security features that allows secure API access on multiple levels. This includes unique API keys, role based access control and advanced service provider integrations including Active Directory, OAuth, and OpenID Connect.
  • Agile: DreamFactory instantly creates secure, fully documented, no code APIs for a myriad of SQL or NoSQL databases, caching services, file storage and cloud services. Not only does DreamFactory offer native connectors, the Universal (HTTP) Service connector is used to proxy third-party HTTP APIs through DreamFactory. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of creating sophisticated API-driven applications, because once mounted you can create powerful workflows involving multiple APIs.
  • Flexible: Modern enterprises will often face an evolving IT infrastructure composed of on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions. DreamFactory is able to be deployed seamlessly across these environments and as a scalable and stateless platform, can run on any operating system in the cloud or on-premise. This flexibility extends in the ability to convert legacy SOAP services into a REST response thus extending legacy hardware shelf life without compromising data availability.
  • Easy: DreamFactory is a no-code platform, which makes it accessible even to non-technical users. For those more technically minded however, a powerful scripting engine allows for custom API creation, calling third party APIs and adding powerful business logic to any number of workflows.

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