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Low code technology solutions such as DreamFactory have dramatically lowered the barriers of entry for those seeking to build a startup MVP.

What is Low Code Software

Low code software helps users build applications quickly by removing the majority of hand-coding. This is possible because the low code solutions generate much of the application code for you by way of choices made via a graphical user interface. For instance, our partner AppSheet created a low code mobile application development solution capable of building powerful iPhone and Android apps. Sheet2Site can create a website using data drawn from a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

DreamFactory's contribution to the low code movement lies in its ability to connect to thousands of data sources, creating APIs that can then be used within web and mobile applications. For instance using the web-based administration console, you can create full-featured, fully-documented, and secure APIs for almost two dozen databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and Microsoft SQL Server.

It's also possible to use DreamFactory as a proxy for talking to other APIs, meaning you can connect marketing automation solutions, Zapier, machine learning services, payment and billing providers, and any other desired third-party solution useful for creating your MVP.

Did you know you dramatically reduce your time to market by taking advantage of DreamFactory's hosted API management platform? Sign up for our free 14 day hosted trial to learn how! Our guided tour will show you how to create an API using an example MySQL database provided to you as part of the trial!

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