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Integrate DreamFactory with Data Masking

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Masking sensitive API data is crucial to both corporate and regulatory compliance. Using DreamFactory's scripting environment, you have total control over the API response and can mask, remove, rename, and rearrange data in any fashion you please. Some examples of data masking include:

  • Masking a phone number: Convert a phone number from (614) 867-5309 to (614) 867-****
  • Masking an e-mail address: Convert an e-mail address from [email protected] to j**.**

Database Data Masking Features

Databases such as MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0 offer data masking and de-identification features. MySQL offers an array of convenient SQL functions for masking specific types of data, such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs), phone numbers, and credit card numbers. You can call these functions via DreamFactory APIs by adding them to your DreamFactory API schema definition.

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