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Integrate Salesforce Data Using DreamFactory

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Salesforce is a ubiquitous part of doing business these days. For this reason, companies often need to integrate their Salesforce database with a variety of third-party software. To do so you'll need to integrate with the Salesforce API. DreamFactory offers a native connector capable of generating an API capable of talking to hundreds of sObjects (the bridge to Salesforce's database records), including accounts, announcements, assets, campaigns, contacts, ideas, and more.

Create Salesforce API
Figure 1. Salesforce is one of 19 supported databases

What is Salesforce REST API?

Salesforce is by far the world's most popular CRM (customer relationship management) software, with 20 percent of CRM market share. The Salesforce platform offers users a wide range of benefits, including better employee productivity, greater customer retention, and higher profits.

Why is Salesforce REST API Popular?

The data in your Salesforce software may contain highly valuable hidden insights, which is one reason why so many businesses want to create a Salesforce REST API. Integrating Salesforce with SQL databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle helps ensure that your data flows smoothly throughout the organization, so that it can be used for big data and analytics workloads.

DreamFactory for Salesforce REST APIs

Hand-coding your own REST API is a tricky endeavor even in the best of circumstances. Fortunately, Salesforce REST API integration is much easier with the DreamFactory API management platform.

The benefits of DreamFactory include:

  • Speed: Organizations today need to be increasingly agile in response to a rapidly changing business landscape. Building a custom REST API is far too time-consuming for most development teams. DreamFactory instantly generates production-ready REST APIs, letting you shorten your project timelines by weeks or months.
  • Ease of use: DreamFactory is a no-code platform, which makes it accessible even to non-technical users. What’s more, the DreamFactory team is available for 24/7 support if you encounter an issue.
  • Flexibility: No matter what your IT infrastructure looks like, DreamFactory is compatible with it. As a scalable and stateless platform, DreamFactory can run on any operating system, in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Security: DreamFactory ensures that your sensitive enterprise data is safe and secure from end to end, with security features including Role-Based Access Controls, SSO Authentication, JWT, CORS, OAuth, and Active Directory.
  • Unified interface: Building a Salesforce REST API is just one of the API integrations you’ll need to do in an enterprise IT environment. DreamFactory offers a "single pane of glass" management console to oversee and monitor all of your REST APIs.

Salesforce is just one of DreamFactory's supported REST API connectors. Check out the full list of DreamFactory integrations, which includes Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and Amazon Redshift.

With thousands of satisfied clients around the world, DreamFactory knows REST API integration like the back of our hand, including Salesforce REST APIs. To learn more about how to build a REST API for Salesforce, get in touch with our team today for a free trial of the DreamFactory platform.

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