Integrate Salesforce Data Using DreamFactory

Salesforce is a ubiquitous part of doing business these days. For this reason, companies often need to integrate their Salesforce database with a variety of third-party software. To do so you'll need to integrate with the Salesforce API. DreamFactory offers a native connector capable of generating an API capable of talking to hundreds of sObjects (the bridge to Salesforce's database records), including accounts, announcements, assets, campaigns, contacts, ideas, and more.

Figure 1. Salesforce is one of 19 supported databases

Salesforce API Configuration is Easy

To generate your Salesforce API, you'll supply API authentication credentials to DreamFactory (username, password, authentication token), and DreamFactory will take care of the rest! Once done, you'll be able to query, search, insert, and update your Salesforce database using a convenient REST API.

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