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APM Monitoring with Scout APM

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Why do you need Application Performance Monitoring?

Performance Monitoring is a critical part of meeting application SLAs. Further, ensuring your product databases and API endpoints are fully optimized plays a major role in ensuring customers choose your solution over a competing offer. After all, if a user can't obtain data quickly and efficiently, they may look elsewhere.

What is Scout APM?

Scout APM is a lightweight application performance monitoring tool that analyzes app behavior to help you identify critical performance issues currently supporting PHP, Ruby, Elixir, and Python applications. It offers an intuitive and developer-friendly solution that allows you to quickly identify application performance issues. Combining deep instrumentation with an affordable, mature, and clutter-free UI, Scout APM helps you quickly identify and resolve your performance issues.

Figure 1. Scout APM Dashboard

Scout can detect and identify:

  • Endpoint and network issues
  • Slow requests like HTTP and Database Calls
  • N+1 queries (see Figure 2)
  • Transaction and response time traces
  • Throughput and response time
  • Code deployments
Figure 2. Example of a detailed trace of a N+1 SQL call

Scout’s PHP agent supports many popular libraries to instrument middleware, request times, SQL queries, and more. Source code and issues can be found on our scout-apm-php GitHub repository.

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