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What Is Mailgun?

Mailgun is a cloud-based email tool that has been specifically created for and marketed to developers and development teams, with the core objective of making it easy to integrate mass email capability with apps.

Who Uses Mailgun?

Mailgun is used by thousands of companies, including GitHub, Reddit, Shopify, and WPEngine, to deliver bulk emails.

Why is Mailgun Popular?

Not only is Mailgun easy to integrate with your app (and even easier with DreamFactory), but it also provides features such as A/B testing, advanced email analytics, and high capacity burst sending (up to 1,200,000 messages per minute).

Integrating Mailgun REST API

Mailgun is a great choice for developers; not only does it provide a whole host of enterprise-level features, but it has also been built from the ground up to help development teams get started. Mailgun’s own API works well, but you can improve on it by using DreamFactory - why manage multiple APIs separately when you manage them all through one tool?

Advantages include:

  • Increase Development Speed: A scratch-built REST API can take weeks to build. DreamFactory just needs a few clicks - and no code - enabling you to free up valuable development resources for other areas of your project.
  • Support: DreamFactory is so easy to use that even non-coders can get APIs up and running in minutes. But if you do run into problems, our team of expert API engineers is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that your project runs smoothly.
  • Run Anywhere: DreamFactory runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It can be hosted on private, public, or hybrid infrastructure, and is easy to deploy using Docker, Bitnami, or Kubernetes, or direct from GitHub Source.
  • Easy Deployment: Easily migrate your applications between development, test, and production environments.

Not sure if you’re going with Mailgun yet? No problem. DreamFactory supports REST API creation for several popular bulk email solutions, including Amazon SES & Mandrill.

DreamFactory enables superior connectivity, visibility, and efficiency while drastically reducing the burden on your development team. Contact the DreamFactory team today to find out more about how you can start setting up your APIs through DreamFactory.

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