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Authenticate YouTube with Microsoft OAuth

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To Authenticate YouTube with Microsoft OAuth, book a demo with DreamFactory. DreamFactory is an open source API gateway that can handle all of your customized integrations.

What is DreamFactory?

DreamFactory is the premier API lifecycle management platform. It eliminates duplication of effort in code development, documentation, and testing by allowing you to model your application easily and create fully-documented REST API. This enables agile application developers to build, deploy and maintain new applications faster.
DreamFactory's capabilities go well beyond integrating APIs with a wide range of authentication providers. Additional security-related features include:

  • Automated API key management
  • Granular role-based access controls, allowing you to restrict APIs to specific endpoints and even limit access by HTTP method
  • Request volume limiting on a per-service, per-user, and even a per-endpoint basis
  • The ability to extend endpoints using custom scripting, allowing for data masking, input validation, geofencing, and much more

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a place to discover, watch and share videos. YouTube's API allows developers to access statistics and data around users, channels and content through REST and XML-RPC calls.
Developers can use the API to create applications that use YouTube video content or that add features to the YouTube website.

What is Microsoft OAuth?

The Microsoft identity platform lets you build applications to connect users with services such as Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. The OAuth 2.0 authorization code grant can be used in apps that are installed on a device to gain access to protected resources, such as web APIs.
The OAuth 2.0 authorization code grants for server-to-server scenarios by using the Microsoft identity platform implementation of OAuth 2.0.

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