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DreamFactory Partners


Appsheet offers a no-code platform used to create mobile applications from cloud-based databases, spreadsheets, and other data sources. Acquired by Google in late 2019, AppSheet is used by thousands of companies around the globe, including Toyota, Pepsi Corporation, retail giant Costco, and General Electric.

As a DreamFactory integration partner, AppSheet provides users with a very easy way to add MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle data to their mobile applications by linking AppSheet with the user's DreamFactory instance.


Glances is a service that provides a single user interface for viewing related data across multiple platforms. By unifying all desired data within a single browser-based interface, users can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent tab switching, searching, and clicking around to find important information.

As a DreamFactory integration partner, Glances provides users with a very easy way to add MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server to their unified interface by linking Glances with the user's DreamFactory instance.

TMS Software

Established in 1995, TMS Software has spent almost 30 years building tools serving the VCL, FMX, LCL, FNC, ASP.NET, .NET, and IntraWeb markets. Their tooling and components are relied upon by an extraordinary number of organizations around the globe, including 3M, AT&T, Dell, Huawei, Intel, Pfizer, and Target.

As a DreamFactory integration partner, TMS Software created a component which facilitates DreamFactory platform integration into their existing components. In doing so, their users can more quickly adopt API-led development while continuing to rely upon enterprise tooling that has so effectively served their organizations for years.


Rakuten Rapid API is the world's largest API marketplace, used by more than 1 million developers to discover, adopt, and sell APIs.

As a DreamFactory partner, DreamFactory and Rakuten Rapid API have collaborated on several webinars. Once such webinar is titled "API Creation Best Practices", and it's available for viewing on YouTube.

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