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DreamFactory Products

Open Source

Freely deployed package with the complete set of DreamFactory features to generate instant APIs from open source databases.

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Fully supported runtime application for use with development and production environments needing commercial database functionality.

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Complete developer hub for use with multiple DreamFactory runtime instances, including API management and reporting.

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  DreamFactory Open Source DreamFactory Silver DreamFactory Gold
License Apache 2 Commercial Commercial
Base price Free Contact Us Contact Us
Number of instances 1 1 3
Certified packages      
Emergency patches      
Community support      
Email, chat, phone support      
Hours   8am - 8pm EST, M-F 8am - 8pm EST, M-F
Response time   1 business day 4 business hours
Scripting and Security Features
V8 Javascript scripting      
Node.js scripting      
PHP scripting      
Python scripting      
User management      
Role-based access control      
JSON web tokens (JWT)      
Application API keys      
Instant API Features
Live API docs      
MySQL API      
PostgreSQL API      
SQLite API      
MongoDB API      
CouchDB API      
Cassandra API      
AWS DynamoDB API      
Azure Tables API      
Local Cache API      
Redis API      
Memcached API      
Local Files API      
AWS S3 API      
Azure BLOB API      
OpenStack Objects API      
Rackspace Files API      
Local Email API      
SMTP API      
Mailgun API      
Mandrill API      
Remote REST APIs      
Custom REST APIs      
OAuth API      
Oracle API      
SQL Server API      
IBM DB2 API      
SAP SQL Anywhere      
Salesforce API      
Active Directory API      
LDAP API      
SOAP to REST API      
API logging   *    
Deployment, Reporting, and Governance
API rate limiting      
API reporting      
Multi-tenant instances      
Instance backup and restore      
Managed app deployment      
Team administration      
Developer dashboard      
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* Additional fees apply