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Autochartist Recognizes Trading Patterns Faster with DreamFactory

Pattern recognition is an invaluable skill to have for anyone involved with stock trading. The identification of chart patterns is typically based on a collection of carefully tested methods, and a culmination of data over a long period of time. However, the ability to accurately recognize patterns within growth charts can be a very difficult task. With the adoption of new machine learning technologies, the difficulty of utilizing pattern recognition is decreasing exponentially for stock traders and investors.

Autochartist has been a key contributor to the innovation of stock trading since 2004. Founder, Ilan Azbel, and his development team have created a simple-to-use tool that automates the process of pattern recognition. They are able to accurately identify optimal trade opportunities at an unrivaled speed. Autochartist and DreamFactory have teamed up to unify and distribute the collected trade data across both external/internal platforms.

DreamFactory's software has been applied to several solutions that Autochartist provides to their clients. Recently, their development team targeted brokers who assist clients that are trading poorly. The ability to render and transform the data is largely predicated on DreamFactory's scripting engine and RESTful APIs. Additionally, our pre-packaged security features are cutting development time in half, and allowing their team focus on creating quality stock analysis solutions.

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