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Challenger School Keeps Parents and Personnel Better Informed with DreamFactory

Establishing a strong foundation for early learners starts with identifying the inefficiencies within the educational system. Challenger School's founder, Barbara Baker, did just that when she started the organization in 1960. She noticed local public schools were disregarding a key element in reading development, and instead focusing on a less effective method. Since then, they have been reimagining the way their students learn through an innovative curriculum. The aim is to strengthen their knowledge of core subjects, and ultimately prepare them to become productive individuals.

Challenger School has 25 different campuses across five different states and roughly 10,000 preschool to 8th grade students. In addition to student information, the amount of personnel data between their several campuses is also massive. The organization's development team is tasked with creating secure internal and external applications to manage their large volume of data. DreamFactory is playing a crucial role in the effort to simplify the process of data management and horizontal governance.

Online resources like school updates and the parent portal can spike up their online traffic exponentially from day to day. Our fully documented, consumable REST APIs aid in the performance and maintenance of their core systems. Other highlight features like Active Directory, MSSQL Server, MySQL, Cloud Service compatibility, and record-level permissions are proving to be invaluable to their application development.

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